Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Glittered Halloween Crowns

Toilet Paper Roll craft - Glittered Halloween Crowns by
Toilet Paper Roll craft – Glittered Halloween Crowns by

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This new Angel Soft campaign is so cute and touches on a universal topic! It’s all about the melodrama that happens when that toilet paper roll reaches the last sheet… at the wrong time. What to do? In our house we yell LOUDLY until someone opens the door, and quickly chucks in a new roll. Angel Soft has a series of funny videos showing all the different ways of delivering the goods. To help prolong the emergency call, Angel Soft now packs an extra 60% of sheets in each roll. And the hashtag is #SinRolloSinSalida – which translates to “stuck without a roll.”

OK, you want to know a secret of mine? This is why I was so excited for the campaign: I secretly LOVE when the roll is empty because that means CRAFTY fun follows! Toilet paper roll crafts are super popular right now, from gift boxes to flowers, stamps, geometric art structures, even shadow boxes! The list goes on!

Toilet paper roll crafts from around the web:,,,
Toilet paper roll crafts from around the web:,,,

My little niece, Bella, came over this week and I told her about the crowns I planned to make. She ended up taking over the crafty control center and made them all herself to give to her friends. There are other toilet paper roll crown tutorials out there, but I love Bella’s best because she added a LOT of glitter! And she had a blast making them! Here is how she did it:


– Angel Soft Bath Tissue (Plan ahead, you’ll have to wait for the rolls to be empty, with 60% more sheets, that could take a while!)

– Scissors

– Paint brush

– Collage Pauge Decoupage Medium

– Glitter in orange, black and purple

– Gems

– Aleene’s Tacky Glue

– Hole punch

– Silk ribbon or elastic cording


1. Cut the spikes on one side of the roll. If you are making this with a child, you can help by drawing out the cut lines. Always stay near a child with scissors to help them cut correctly and safely. Cut the spikes on all the rolls. You can alter the design by making some long and others short or using a hole punch on the spkies, etc.


2. Punch a hole on the bottom and on each side of the roll, so you can thread the ribbon through later. Now squirt the decoupage medium on a paper plate and use the paint brush to coat the roll. Add the glitter by pouring it over a sheet of paper to catch the overflow. Pour the excess glitter back in the jar. If you want to do stripes, add the glue, then glitter, then glue, and glitter, so forth. This will keep the glitter colors separate.


3. Let dry, then thread the ribbon through each hole so you can tie them on. Or you can use elastic cording! It took Bella about 90 minutes to make the four crowns!


Who knew one package of Angel Soft could provide so much fun! Stay tuned because I’m going to share two more crafty ideas with the empty Angel Soft rolls in coming weeks!


Can I just say, next time you run out of TP, instead of freaking out, have faith that someone, some where will come to your rescue with a new roll, and the best part, you can use that time to think of new crafty ideas of what to do with the roll you just finished! But remember, if you have Angel Soft, it won’t happen as often because of all those extra sheets!

Scroll down to see the other cute Angel Soft videos, I promise you’ll get a chuckle! And don’t forget to check out Angel Soft Latino on Facebook and Twitter!

And guess what? Angel Soft is giving away a three-month supply to TWO people who comment below about what they do when… the roll runs out!  What is your #SinRolloSinSalida moments.




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