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Creative gifting: DIY Flower pot gift baskets

In need of creative ideas for your guests, party hosts or even a family member?  These DIY flower pot gift baskets will be a major score!

Creative gifting: DIY Flower pot gift baskets

I bought these plain terra cotta pots and planned to use them in my home for my patio. Then I thought of how cute they would be as a gift basket for the holiday season. But you could use this idea all year round!

When it comes to decorating them – you can go easy and leave as is. Or to really level it up, make an art piece of each one and paint them, add ribbon, tissue paper, and so on. It’s such a perfect way to do something special for someone you appreciate.

Planter pots are a good idea because they are super affordable and so versatile – and they have heft to them!

These DIY gift baskets make a great gift for:

A new homeowner

Baby shower

Teacher’s Day

Your best friend

Random Act of Kindness

A sibling or other family member

Fundraiser donation.

Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.

As far as what to fill them with, here are some ideas:

Items from the dollar store

Gift card from their favorite store

Gift items (jewelry, perfume, etc)

Gourmet coffee beans for a coffee lover – add in a mug too!

Garden-themed items

Movie night treats

Herb garden supplies

Favorite snacks

Gourmet chocolates

Craft supplies

A spa basket with essential oils, lotions, bath bombs

When it comes to choosing the pots, you can go with a mix of styles, like i did. Or be systematic and buy all the same size.  4″ pots are a great way to give a small gift, but make it look fancy. And 6″ pots are medium-sized, bit enough to hold a book or a candy box. An 8″ flower pot can hold folded clothing and possibly a gift set of some sort.

Another brilliant idea! 

OMG. What if you made a collection of 4″ pots filled with your business goodies and you delivered them to clients or media people? What a cool way to share your branding. Add a gift tag and even a gift certificate for your services. What a perfect gift idea for the holiday season!

terra cotta pots


Terra cotta flower pots and matching saucers.

Assorted paints (craft paints are fine, even Posca markers are good too!).

Assorted brushes (wide for base coating, thin liner brushes for detail).

Items to fill the flower pot (see my above ideas).

Other small trinkets.

Shredded paper or Easter grass to use as stuffing at the bottom.

Glue gun, white craft glue, or glue dots.

Ribbon, gems (optional).

A little tag to add after it is wrapped. Or you can set it inside.

Cello wrap or wrapping paper.


Here are the pots I started with. Use a damp sponge to wipe them clean before painting. Check for any cracks.

empty flower pots

If you plan to paint your pots, base coat with a primer so your colors will look brighter.

Color combo inspiration: Brights, neutrals, neon, metallics. I used paint samples from the home improvement store.

jars of paints on a craft table.

Paint the top and bottom a different color. Paint the saucers in contrasting colors as well.

adding paint to a flower pot.

You can keep your flower pots painted solid, or add stripes or other designs. I like very busy patterns, so I added a lot of colors to my largest pot. You can use a lazy Susan to spin your pot while you hold the brush steady.


Once you have the base finished, go ahead and add patterns and designs to the rim of the flower pot. This really makes it come alive! See what I mean about this really being a special gift? So artful!

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Here is a tutorial for painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.
Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.


Have a saucer? Paint it to match!


Here are some other great basket ideas:

Think about the person you making this for, and what they would like. Curate items that fit their personality. Check out my list to get you started!

Self-care, manifesting:

​- Small journal.

– Colored markers.

– Uplifting stickers.


– Seed packets: Choose seasonal flowers or herbs.

– Gardening tools: Mini rake, spade, or trowel.

– Gardening gloves: Choose festive colors if possible.

– Plant markers: For labeling planted seeds.

– Small gardening book or plant care tips.

Holiday Chill:

– Scented candles: Winter-themed scents like cinnamon or pine.

– Bath bombs or bath salts.

– A small bottle of lotion or hand cream.

– A mini book of poetry or inspirational quotes.

Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.

Chocolate Lovers

– Packets of hot cocoa mix.

– Hot cocoa bomb.

– Marshmallows.

– Candy canes (to stir and flavor the cocoa).

– A festive mug.

Cookie Time:

– Homemade cookies.

– Recipe card for the cookies.

– Ingredients for the recipient to make their own batch.

– A cute cookie cutter.

Get Crafty:

– Paints, sealer, and brushes for the recipient to decorate the pot.

– Glitter, ribbons, and other embellishments.

– Instructions or ideas for craft projects.

Winter Care:

– Lip balm.

– Hand warmers.

– Thick socks.

– A small blanket or scarf.

Mexi Delight

– Chili gummies.

– Small conchas.

– Abuelita cocoa.

– Tiny bottle of Tajin.

– Mexican candy.


– Selection of teas.

– Honey sticks or a small jar of honey.

– A tea infuser.

– Shortbread cookies or biscuits.


– Reusable straws.

– A small cloth tote bag.

– Beeswax wraps.

– Seed paper: This can be planted and will grow into wildflowers.


Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.
Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.


How to wrap your own gift baskets:

– Use clear cellophane to wrap the pot and tie it with a ribbon or twine.

– Decorate the Pot: Consider painting or decorating the pot in festive designs or colors before filling it.

– Wrap each item in tissue paper and place inside the pot.

– Easy way: Just add stuffing at the bottom and insert the items!

– For a nice arrangement, tape items to chopsticks and insert in flower pot.

No matter what you choose to include, the personalized touch and effort will surely make it a memorable gift for the recipient!


Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.
Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.


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Thanks for checking out my post about flower pot gift baskets! I hope you found some inspiration!

Paint flower pots, and fill with goodies to make colorful gift baskets. By CraftyChica.com.

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