Happy Dia de Los Muertos!

Sculptures made by Patrick Murillo.

Happy Dia de Los Muertos! Today is November 2nd, the last day of Dia de Los Muertos. Today is the day for spirits who were adults to return to their loved ones, before heading back home to the afterlife. Today I’m thinking about my dad. He never really liked the skeleton aspect of Day of the Dead. I think because he had so many serious health issues, he didn’t want to be reminded of death. I don’t blame him, we all want to stay in this part of the journey as long as possible.

But each and every one of us is destined to go through the cycle of life, and Dia de Los Murtos is a time to celebrate the cycle of life! Check out this video of Zarco Guerrero where he explains what Dia de los Muertos is all about.

Today is not just about honoring our loved ones, but also celebrating the life’s journey and not fearing death. Removing the FEAR. Like Zarco explains, from the moment we are brought into this world, there is always the chance our time will end. So we celebrate each day we are here and acknowledge the bigger picture. We learn to live without fear, to embrace every moment fully. Soaking it all up!

Even though my dad didn’t specifically embrace Dia de Los Muertos, he did embrace this way of thinking. He taught me so much about life. He told me that every day he would wake up and say “Thank you, God,  for another morning!” and when he went to sleep he said, “Thank you, God for another day!” Every waking moment was spent making the very most of his life. He was always present in the moment and made you feel like you were someone special, even through the tough love times! I think my dad would be happy knowing that today, on Dia de Los Muertos, I’m celebrating his life. I’m not building a big ofrenda for him, but I did light a candle in his honor, and I set out a pack of ciggies, because he LOVED those ciggies!

This weekend we had an at booth at the Desert Botanical Garden, like we do every year. It was lively and exciting, full of music and art and people sharing stories about their loved ones who passed on. As part of the weekend event, the Garden also has an exhibition for ofrendas and this year the theme was “love and humor.”


My friend, Emily Costello, made this large shadow box. It shows the different stages of love. Passionate love, committed love, family love and eternal love!


My other friend, Martin Moreno, he made this altar dedicated to the cycle of life, not only in human form, but the environment. Everything in this piece is recycled.


This was a large comical installation by John Alejandro Jauregui and Felix Vasquez! It showed a bride and groom at the altar to be wed, but behind the bride is her mother, trying to stop her because she found out that the groom already has a wife!


Here is Patrick’s installation. He recreated a city bus stop with life sized figures! Patrick does this show every year, but says this year is his last. So I guess that means I take over for next year and I’m glad to do so!


OK, another friend, (I have a lot of friends here, ok??), Monica-Gisel Crespo created this piece that expresses the story of how in Mexico, it is believed the dogs lead the way to the afterlife and if you were good to your dog on Earth, they will come get you when you pass and lead you safely to the afterlife.

Here are some pictures from our booth!

Petra bought a sculpture from Patrick.
One of the many prints we had for sale.
I made a lot of cut cards to sell. I used my Brother Scan-N-Cut and scrap paper!
Items from our booth at the end of Day One. We sold a lot!
We passed these breathtaking Chihuly glass sculptures on our way out of the Desert Botanical Garden.
The Desert Botanical Garden provided such a beautiful setting for the event!
Night time at the Garden.
Night time at the Garden.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Hello, November!

Love & light,

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