How to cure dry, crafty hands! #NeutrogenaBelleza

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One of the challenges in my art studio is keeping my hands moisturized. Whether I’m painting, working with paper mache or even glittering, there’s a lot of hand washing going on. That leads to my hands constantly being dry. And then when I took up ceramics as a big part of my creative outlet, the problem became even more amplified.

‘Crafty people’ problems!

Seriously though, working with clay and bisque seems to suck out all the moisture. And the underglazes I use are made of clay and glass, so I had to try something to keep my hands soft. This Neutrogena campaign was perfect for me!

This product is called NEUTROGENA® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and  it was originally developed in Norway for the Arctic fishermen who needed to protect their own hands from some of the coldest, harshest weather on earth. So, yeah, I think this is what will help for my dry crafty hands! It’s a thick, deep moisturizing hand cream that feels creamy and yummy to your skin. I like that it seems to stay on my skin even through several washings. Applying it has become part of studio routine, I feel like I’m getting suited up for my design and production work.


The idea behind this blog campaign is for me to use the hand cream for seven days. It’s actually been a few weeks now. Two thumbs up is my review! It’s fast absorbing, light and not-at-all-greasy. And I like that is feels rich, not thin and watery like some of the others on the market.


I would think this Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream will also work great while I’m vending at outdoor events this winter season! Every year at the art shows, my hands get so red and chapped and dry from being outside for hours. According to the package, it eliminates seven signs of damage:  dryness, chapping, cracking, split nails, dry cuticles, scaliness, and roughness. While I like that is smells super clean, like all the other Neutrogena products, this hand cream is also available as fragrance-free.

I plan to pack a tube of this in my crafty tool chest, as well as in my studio!

Norweigian Formula Hand Cream


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