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This is a compensated campaign between Ziploc® and CraftyChica®. All writing and experiences are based off of my own personal experiences.

Ziploc® recently launched a new line of stackable containers, featuring One Press Seal, and invited me to give them a spin! Of course I wanted to do something wonderful and crafty with them for the season. They come in a variety of sizes and fun holiday colors like red, green, white and blue. I thought they would be great to for what I call Creativity Mystery Boxes (directions coming up in a sec)! One of the coolest features is that the boxes have the One Press Seal feature, where you literally just have to press your finger in the center and push. This allows the containers to be securely closed with one simple press on the lid!


Happy overload… Ziploc® sent me samples of all the new goodies, including the limited edition Holiday Collection Storage Bags that are printed with holiday designs!


Now, about the Creativity Mystery Boxes. I came up with three themes. The idea is to fill them with supplies to complete a project. But don’t tell the recipient what is inside, you want it to be a surprise! These will make rockin’ hostess gifts. After the hostess is finished with the party, they can chill and relax and spend quality time with family or friends and get crafty. Or maybe you give them out to strangers for Random Acts of Kindness. Or a co-worker, gift exchange, or even just for you!

I made my boxes with enough supplies for two to three people to enjoy, because we know life is more fun when you get crafty with friends!


I themed the first box around making holiday cards. My friend Rina makes these fun kits that I used as the foundation, then I added some other items, like illustrations I drew. The supplies needed for this kit are paper swatches, images, gems, Tacky dots, and trims. You can also include a little instruction sheet.


I lined the large green rectangle Ziploc® Holiday Collection Container with festive tissue paper, then used the Holiday Collection Storage Bags to hold the supplies. I also included a finished card for the recipient to use for inspiration! If you want, you can also add in a glue stick and scissors. Ziploc® also has a wonderful “Life Lessons” campaign happening and I thought it would be fun to weave that into my Creativity Mystery Boxes. Therefore, when you remove the lid, you see an affirmation like this. To do this, you can write a quote on a piece of paper or use happy scrapbook stickers.


Here is the finished box. I glittered some card stock and added a pompom for decoration!


And the second box…supplies to make marble magnets!


For this box you’ll need: Flat-back clear marbles (found in the floral section at the craft store), a glue stick, Tacky Dots glue tabs, scissors, and magnets. Oh, and little pictures (I included one at the end of this post)! I created a set of finished magnets, plus the supplies and directions.


Again, here is my life lesson image!


Here is the finished box! The Ziploc® containers are available in more than 10 shapes and sizes. That makes it easy to find the perfect size to hold your craft supplies (and to store a wide array of food and household items, of course!). And because they are super affordable, you can buy a package of 2 or 3 at a time. What I find handy is that even though they are all different sizes, they are designed to nest within each other when empty and stacked just right when full.


Now for my last box. I had to keep in mind that not every person is about the glitter and glue. So this one I themed around coffee, cookies and cocoa! The medium square Ziploc® Holiday Collection Container was the perfect size to hold a mug, cookies and marshmallows, hot cocoa and a little coffee packet.


Didn’t it come out so cute? I lined the top with paper, then used sparkle yarn as the ribbon and topped it off with the glittered doo-dads. The neat thing about using these containers is that the recipient can reuse them for their own gift giving.


I just thought of one more cool idea! Make up a bunch of these Creativity Mystery Boxes and set them on a table for a crafty party. As each guest arrives, they get to choose a box from the table. Then everyone sits down at a long table and opens their boxes and makes the project. At the end of the party, your guests can swap one of the items they make!

Here is a printable for you to use for personal use to make your own Creativity Mystery Boxes!


Special thanks to Ziploc® for inviting me to be a part of their holiday season! I hope you like the project as much as I had fun making it! You can purchase the Ziploc® Containers with One Press Seal and limited-edition Holiday Collection Storage and Freezer Bags at retailers nationwide!


Love & light,

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