DIY Pom Pom Picture Ornaments


I’ve been buying yarn like crazy. I’ve crocheted so much that my shoulders are sore! I’m taking a break from my hook. So what to do with all those gorgeous funky fibers? DIY pom pom picture ornaments! I used to wrap yarn around cardboard to make them, but last year I tried out the pom pom tool that my friend PattieWack invented. It makes life so much easier!

Here’s how I made the ornaments, super easy! And you can use them for ornaments, but also for gift wrap, garland, all kinds of things!



Pom pom tool


Bottle cap


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue


Wrap the yarn around the tool on the size that you want. Just keep wrapping until it is nice and thick, that will make the best, fluffy pom pom! When you are done, cut off the end. Next cut another strand and tie it through the center super tight. You can even use wire if you want. You want it to be tight so the yarn pieces don’t come out. Then slide the pom pom up to the smaller section and cut through the sides.


Slide it down through the opening, then trim.


Cut out your pictures and glue them inside the bottle caps.


Use the Tacky Glue to put on the center of the pom pom.


You can add glitter inside the bottle cap if you want!



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