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Turn Duct Clamps into Ornaments!

I used these pictures of my parents in my ornaments. This is when they were first dating on myedate and when they were just married. Aren’t they so sweet?


You can call these hardware ornaments. Let me explain how they came to be. As a Creative Influencer for Lowe’s, every month we have new themes to use for our DIY projects. This month is HOLIDAY!!  Well, after perusing the aisles at my local Lowe’s, I came across these duct clamps. They are supposed to be  used to fasten ventilation ducts, but I took a different route.

Before I go into the project, last month I had the privilege to visit Lowe’s official headquarters in North Carolina! I’ll share some pictures at the end my post. But for now, let’s make this project!


Here are the duct clamps. They remind me of galvanized embroidery hoops, except one-part, not two. I thought they would make the perfect small compartment ornaments/shadow boxes for the tree!

For this project you’ll need a few of these, I used the 3″ round ones, they also have larger ones! You’ll also need photos printed out on cardstock, craft glue, and yarn. Oh! And embellishments for the tops of the ornaments!


Here is my stash of sparkle yarn, which I thought was the perfect fit for this project! There are so many fun yarns out there, why not get the shiny, textured ones? They’ll really make your tree pop with personality!


Coat the clamp with the white craft glue on the inside and outside and wrap the yarn around until you reach the end.


You can use all one type of yarn or contrasting colors. You know I’m all about the contrast! Now let’s add in the picture and we’re almost done!

duct clamp ornaments by CraftyChica.com.

Size and print out your pictures on cardstock, and then trace around the clamp, cut to size.  Add a line of white craft glue around the back of the ornament. Place the image face down on the wet glue. Let dry.


I looked through my scrap book supplies and found these sweet chipboard sayings in Spanish. One says “amistad” (friendship), another says “aventuras” (adventures), and “te quiero mucho” (I love you a lot). I feel like these sayings match perfectly with my parents attitude in these photos. You can tell they were very much in love! Swooon!! Go ahead and glue on those embellishments!

duct-clamp-ornaments14 duct-clamp-ornaments17 duct-clamp-ornaments18

OK! Now let me tell you about my visit to Lowe’s! There are 35 Lowe’s Creative Influencers and they invited all of us out there for a couple days.


Our first night was amazing! They sat us in carts on a little train and we drove through the Metrolina Greenhouses property – this is where they grow ALL the poinsettias for ALL the Lowe’s stores! There were four million poinsettias, and they moved 5,000 of them so we could have a beautiful dinner right smack in the center. The next week, all those plants were scheduled to be delivered to Lowe’s stores across the country. And we were able to wave to all of them before they left. Yes, I blew kisses!

They also had a lot of creative DIY projects like centerpiece trees made from sandpaper squares and tall cone trees covered in white caulk.


The next day we went to Lowe’s HQ, met the staff and it happened to be their Red Vest Day – when all the employees were required to sport their vests. Talk about high energy! It was such a fun way to start off our day! We got to chat with their trend team, marketing staff, and the fabulous Eddie Ross stopped by to give us decorating tips, which I am totally implementing in my house in the New Year!


Thanks for checking out my project!

Check out the Lowe’s Ideas Creativas online magazine!

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This post was brought to you by the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network!  I’m now a Creative Influencers team member – that means you’ll see original Crafty Chica Lowes-themed projects like this on my blog every month! Visit the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blog to see all the projects from the other bloggers! As a part of the LCI Network, I received Lowe’s gift cards to pay for these projects.


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