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10 Last-minute Gifts to Make


Short on time and not into buying gift cards? Here are ten last-minute gifts to make that each takes less than an hour. You can find the supplies at your local craft store. My tip is to look for the substrates at thrift stores! Relax, take a deep breath and have fun!

*Click on each project title to go to the tutorial!*

1. Glittered Corkboards: Buy a pack of four from the office section, coat with Collage Pauge Decoupage Medium and pour on the gold glitter. Let dry. They’ll look stunning and are totally functional!



2. Flower Pot Gift Baskets: If you don’t have flower pots around your house, they are pretty cheap to pick up at the store. Add some base coats of bright paint, shiny varnish and fill with whatever you want!

Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.
Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.


3. Loteria Pillows: Look for the Tulip for Your home end cap at your local craft store. Pick up a couple pillow blanks and the stencils. Add the fabric paint and boom – you have some cool Loteria pillows!



4. Metal Stamped Necklaces: You can also find these supplies at the craft store. I used the supplies from Impress Art to make these uplifting affirmation pendants! You can make several in one sitting!

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5. Aztec-inspired Bag: Find a blank fabric or leather bag, pick up some fabric paint, brushes and paint some geometric Aztec designs. You could also do this on a tote or clutch or even a pair of shoes!



6. Glittered Wood Necklaces: At the craft store, pick up some bags of small wood pieces, craft paint and necklace chain. Paint the pieces, glitter and glue them, affix the pieces. Use a Dremel to make holes at the top of each pendant!



7. Instagram Canvases: Pick up a pack of 4×4 canvases, and you can decoupage your printed out Instagram photos or use photo transfer paper. Coat with varnish if desired.

Finished product- looks great!
Finished product- looks great!


8. Lotion Bars: From the beauty section of the craft store, you can make several, add add ribbon for decoration!



9. Oilcloth Barstool: Take a standard barstool, add a circle of foam with spray adhesive, then add a large swatch of oilcloth and use a staple gun underneath to secure. Accent with pompom trim and tacks.



10. Open-back Resin Pendant: Use two-part resin (I used Ice Resin!) on a duct-taped lined open pendant. Add your favorite pictures, sequins and more!


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