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How to complete your resolutions in a week!

We made it through 12 months of good and bad. Some of us journaled those times, others stored the memories in our brains. It is time for closure and I have a favor to ask of you today. For the time we have left until the end of the year, do everything in your power to end this year on a high note!

Tonight I thought about the goals I had exactly one year ago. Some I crossed off the list, others – well, they’ll just have to spill over. It led to an idea for a movie or book: A person who, on the night of December 30th, decides to complete all their resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Talk about waiting until the last minute! Like organizing their family photos, changing their look, falling in love, making up with a friend, getting a new job, etc.

Wouldn’t it make a great plot?

The heck with Hollywood, why not try it ourselves?

Dust off that January wish list from 12 months ago and microsize unfinished business so you can actually complete those goals. In every good story, all hope seems lost and then at the last minute – success! right?

Let’s do it! Here are some ideas to get you started…

1. Change your look.
Hmmm…might be too late to score a hair appointment. How about parting your hair differently? If you normally part it on the left, do it on the right, or in the center. Straighten it if you wear it curly, or the other way around. Wear a different color of lipstick. If you are daring, cut baby bangs. Wear it in a sock bun for the rest of the year.

2. Restyle your home.
Go through your house with a bag and get rid of all the things that bug you or have no meaning to you. Rearrange all the exsiting stuff by putting it in different rooms. Take two of your lamps and exhange the shades. Swap the rugs in different rooms, or the shower curtains. Take everything off your fridge door so it looks clean.

3. Get more organized.
Whatever little things you have on your fridge, on your playlist, on your desk, in your car, on your notepad – gather them up and put them in a box, or maybe a purse or jewelry box. Pass it off as a “time capsule”! I made this one a couple of years ago. I did a purse swap with Margot Potter that year and used the box she made for me to hold mementos. I still have it intact, and I love it! Little did I know then that I would end up painting my kitchen and family room to match that purse! Thank you, Margot!

4. Lose weight.
A week? Really? Hopefully you are reading this first thing in the morning. Hurry! Take off your clothes and go weigh yourself. Normally we weigh less first thing in the morning, so you will be lighter than when you went to bed last night! Drink a lot of water this week, flush that business out!

5. Accomplishments.
Sit down and write down a list of ALL the things you completed this year. They don’t have to be huge life changing goals. Little things add up to make one big picture. They can be times you were proud that you stood up for yourself or someone else, or when you saved money and bought something special, changed a tire, when you went hiking and didn’t pass out, or took a class and scored a good grade, gave an important presentation, volunteered somewhere, donated something to charity, learned to draw a face, fit into smaller size pants, used a sewing machine for the first time. The little things count!

6. Travel.
Let me think a second for this one. Watching a movie that takes place in another country is too predictable. Maybe listen to an audiobook this week of a far off place.

Got it.

Go eat at a restaurant of a place you want to go to. If that is too hard, heck, go to Cheesecake Factory – they have all kinds of worldy dishes. My favorite there is the Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp dinner. It comes with plantains, rice, black beans and chutney. That is super easy! And tasty! (Photo from http://yummyinthetummyblog.blogspot.com)

7. Save money.
Hopefully you have some bills in your wallet. How ’bout coins? Take them out, put them in an envelope, seal it and put it someplace where you will forget about it (but not totally lose it like this) – the pocket of your carry-on suitcase, inside a summer salad cookbook, or your favorite board game. If you don’t have cash on hand, do an instant transfer in your bank account online to savings, or write a check and put it in the envelope. In this case, the intention counts, you have my permission!

8. Exercise.
Get off the chair and do 25 jumping jacks. But don’t hurt yourself! I say this because once I got all brava and did 25 jumping jacks as a dare. I kept landing on my heels and I hurt my back. Leave it to ME to hurt myself doing friggin’ jumping jacks…OK, TMI. On to the next one –

9. Juicy, novela-style romance.
If you have a man, go flirt with him and run your fingers through his hair until he blushes like a fifth grader. If you don’t have a man – improvise. This sounds weird, but what the heck? It is the last day of the year, go for it: Write a love letter to yourself as if it were from your dream guy. Write everything you want him to say to you. You don’t have to show it to anyone, just do it. Who knows? Maybe it will manifest into reality!

10. I’m leaving this up to you. Please help me finish this list. It can be a spin-off of one I mentioned, or one you I missed. It can be one you are going to do!

It will feel so great to think about completing your goals from the year, so you’ll be ready for the new year with a fresh slate!


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22 thoughts on “How to complete your resolutions in a week!”

  1. Great post Kathy! It really got me thinking…I can’t wait to see how much I get accomplished today! Below is my addition to your list!! HAPPY NEW YEAR my glittery friend!


    See how many people you can make smile.
    Hold the door for a stranger,wave to the garbage man, let someone go in front of you at the store, thank your children for being so special, call the mayor’s office and thank him for a job well done, leave a paperback book you’ve already read on a park bench with a note in it….

  2. I have spent many hours in the last week looking for important, misplaced items, so my resolution is:
    ALWAYS, Always, put things away, where they belong, en una manera oportuna.
    Prospero año, todos.

  3. Happy New Year to all Chica’s, & Chica-wish-I-could-be-one,
    Give things to people who need it. Create something, anything, ART FOOD ETC. Things you no longer use can sometimes save a life. Art you have made may seem frivolous but it may just make the receipient smile ( some people haven’t smiled in years). The feeling you get from just knowing you have CONNECTED with another HUMAN being is priceless.

  4. I resolve to not take so many things seriously or to heart and not get so made so easily. this will make for a healthier heart and a happier me. L. Handwerker

  5. toooooo funny…*have your peeps call my peeps!* LOVE IT! I’m resolute to be thinner…already signed up for the class to exercise and WW…so…come spring..I just wont need that tummy tuck! lol…luv the nudges…cher
    (and your blog!)


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