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Love letter on a string

This love letter on a string project is a different way to send your love through the mail. Very creative!

It’s a Valentine card! It’s a love letter!

No – it’s BOTH! Pick out your favorite romantic quote and write it out a word per heart, then string it all together. I used all red paper for one sentence and all white paper for the other sentence.

Use those fancy lettering skills, some opaque pens, glue them to embroidery floss and you are good to go!

Here’s a video I made that shows exactly how to make this from start to finish!

Other ideas for a love letter on a string:

– photos

– write a quote on each heart

– draw a picture on each one

– make a collage


colored paper

Assorted colors of card stock

Heart punch


Metallic or glitter pens

Glue stick and hot glue


paper hearts
Red paper hearts isolated on white background

Cut out or punch out twelve hearts (or as many as needed for your sentence).

Take six of them and write one word on each until your phrase is finished.

If you feel brave, do the same on the other six hearts – or leave them as is.

Set out your six word hearts in a row, in order.

Glue the yarn down the center, then glue the outside of the other heearts.

If you wrote a sentence on the other hearts, make sure they line up in order as well.

Please watch the video, give it a thumbs up and share the love! I’ll be so grateful!

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