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10 Valentine DIYs!

Photo graphic by Mark Montano!
Photo graphic by Mark Montano!

In need of some fun Valentine DIYs? How about learning to make a rosary chain, a glittered tee, a hot glue confetti heart? I have all the tutorials right here in this post. Even though they are themed for Valentine’s Day, you can take these ideas and give them your very own spin any time of the year!


1. Make a Rosary Chain Bracelet! Have you ever wondered how to make your own rosary chain? Margot Potter shows you how. I’ve been so intrigued with Margot jewely tutorials, she makes it looks so easy!


2. Make a Distressed Glittered Tee by Cathy Attix. Fun and flirty!


3. Make a Hot Glue Confetti Heart with Aunt Peaches! This one is at the top of my list, love all that confetti!


4. Make a Gilded Heart Paper Wreath with Mark Montano! He is the King of Crafty in my book!


5. Make some cards! Ms. Margot Potter is back with these quick and easy Valentine’s! So pretty!


6. Make a Spotted Lamp by Pennies for a Fortune!


7. Make some Hogs and Kisses Valentines by Creative Me Inspired You!


8. Make Watercolor Garland with Pearmama!


9. Make a batch of Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches by Presley’s Pantry!


10. Makes some Photo Chocolates by CraftyChica!

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