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Easy Mini-Valentines


I love getting packages in the mail. I open and try EVERYTHING! Recently the folks at PaperSource sent me a sample of their Mini-Valentines Kit ($19.95). I usually like to make everything from scratch with supplies I have on hand, but you know what? This kit was plentiful – Cupid would be proud! all together you can create up to 28 mini-Valentine cards, plus pretty envelopes to go with each one!

Image from PaperSource.com.


Here are some of the inspiration photos that come with the kit. There’s no reason to give up, everything is there for you!

Image from PaperSource.com


So I got started making cards. Let me tell you, that one sheet of glitter goes a long way! I cut that baby up and used it for everything big and small!


card6 card7 card8

So here’s the deal, if you don’t have time to order the kit, you can always do this on your own using scrapbook paper and a heart hole punch. Add in some Aleene’s Tacky Dots and you are good to go!

cards2 cards3


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