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Hammered Heart Earrings

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These Hammered Heart Earrings were inspired by a recent video tutorial I watched by Margot Potter. It was how to Make Hoop Earrings. Margot is a professional beading and jewelry designer, she knows all the technical terms and tools and is a pro at teaching! She makes it look so easy. Well, after watching the video below, I immediately bought the supplies to see if it really would be that easy to make those beautiful earrings…

YouTube video

The verdict?

YES! It took a couple tries, especially because I thought I’d be fancy and make jumbo hearts. I had a fail because I put the earring hook and the loop on the wrong sides at first, but I scrapped that pair and tried again. That’s the best part about buying a huge spool of wire – it gives you a lot of room for practice! I’m really happy with the results! Here’s a link in case you can’t see the video below!

I suggest watching Margot’s video first (click here to see her blog post and supply list), she covers everything so eloquently, whereas I’m all: “Now, hammer away, BUT DON’T HIT YOUR FINGERS!”

YouTube video

GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment on my YouTube video and i’ll choose one name next week to receive a pair of these earrings! I’ll pop them in the mail to you!


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  1. I am SO aligned with everything you do! Thank you. Love these earrings and I can’t believe how easy it looks, and I have some super little charms to add to them, too.


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