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How to make Valentine photo candy boxes

How to make Valentine photo candy boxes! It’s as easy as picking u p some candy boxes from the dollar store and creating collages on top!



These Valentine photo boxes are too cute! Anyone can give chocolate boxes, but it takes a crafty and clever person to give a sparkly, personalized version! You can do that with these Photo Chocolate Box Valentines are a blast to make and only need minimal supplies that you probably already have.

The boxes are only a $1, and after the candy is gone, it can be used to store mementos, or the cover can be used to hang on the wall. Not to mention your recipient will totally think you’re cool.

Supplies for Valentine Photo Boxes


  • Pictures printed on glossy photo paper, approximately 4×4 inches
  • Scissors, glue
  • Party streamer
  • Valentine stickers
  • Gold leaf pen

Use craft glue to add a tissue paper ruffle around the edge of the bottom or top of the box.

Print out your photos and glue them to tops of the boxes.

Embellish with gems, trim, feathers, paint, get creative!

You can also use a metallic pen to line the outside rim of the boxes. It makes them look nice and finished!

You can place the chocolates back inside or fill with shred and a small gift or other candies!

Hope you love making these Valentine Photo Boxes as much as I ddi!

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