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Disclosure: I happily received a free wreath from Treetopia to make this project! About this Valentine wreath DIY: My good friend Jennifer Perkins is a spokesperson for Treetopia, a company that specializes in ginormous and gorgeous faux holiday trees and wreaths. When it comes to trees – Jennifer is like me in that we see EVERY branch as an opportunity for embellishment. So imagine how excited I was when Jennifer invited me to participate in a Valentine’s wreath blog hop! Not only that, each of the five of us on the blog hop are giving away a pink wreath! See below for the details!

The wreath we each were sent was 36″ and very pink and very fluffy!


I knew I wanted to make a shadow box but had to think about the engineering aspect and the weight. I opted for a large embroidery hoop. I inserted glittered canvas (yes, I just happen to have it on hand). Here is the trick, I put the right side of the fabric facing out the back side to make a recessed area.


I trimmed off the excess and glued crepe paper around the inside to hide the hoop.


As far as the inside of the shadow box, I couldn’t decide! Finally I opted for a fabric wreath I found at Target. Perfect size! I used Tacky Glue to affix it to the canvas.


Then I added a painted milagro heart in the center! I used Aleene’s Tacky Dots to stick the metal to the canvas.


See? It’s all coming together! For the actual wreath decorations, I decided to use photos of me and Patrick. I used Picmonkey to make them each the same size.


I picked up some mini-glittered clothespins to attach them, and I made little paper roses to fill in.


First I hung the shadow box, like this.


Then I hung the wreath on top. Then I put it all together with some other goodies.


IMG_3317 IMG_3319 IMG_3324 IMG_3327 wreath2

Thanks for checking out my wreath project!


Valentine’s Day Wreath Blog-Hop Week!

MONDAY – Jennifer Perkins –

TUESDAY – Kathy Cano Murillo –

WEDNESDAY – Amy Anderson –

THURSDAY – Jenny Heid & Aaron Nieradka –

FRIDAY – Vickie Howell –

Each day, you can check the Treetopia blog for a fun bio about each blogger and a teaser of their fabulous wreath. This is similar to playing online pokies from Australian online pokies websites such as this free online pokies. Head over to their blogs daily for their full wreath reveals PLUS each blogger will be running a contest to give away a FREE Pretty in Pink Treetopia wreath.
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Love & light,

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  1. One of my favorite V-Day Memories is from way back, when I was in the 1st grade. A boy from my class brought me a red rose to my house after school. It was such a sweet surprise! It still makes me smile!

  2. My favorite valentine memory is when I got my first handmade valentines from the kiddos when they were in nursery school. They melt my hear every time I see those scribbles and scrawls.

  3. I can’t really think of a specific favorite memory.. but my mom always makes it a point to leave out a Valentine’s Day candy/treat basket for me and my brother! Full of delicious candy and cute cards 😀

  4. Wow, what a pretty pink wreath, hope I win one for my front door to greet my little fiancee when he visits me from Vegas!

  5. I remember my first boyfriend in high school got me roses and the most delicious rose-smelling pink teddy bear. Such a sweety.

  6. Love the wreath! I made a wreath similar to the felt heart wreath & I think I’ll try to frame it out with another larger wreath.

  7. One year my husband tried to surprise me and cook sesame chicken (my favorite dish)–long story short, he completely burned the meal and almost started an apartment fire and we ended up having to order a pizza instead and laughing the night away.

  8. I USED to get chocolate and jewelry for Valentines day. Used to. So sad. Now I’m not his valentine anymore. Just his cook and maid. Whatever.

  9. I love your wreath! It is gorgeous! My favorite Valentine’s Memory was when my husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day and gave me a gorgeous Engagement ring!

  10. My favorite Valentine memory is the rose and small candy box from my first boyfriend, many years ago. It made me feel so special.

  11. My favorite Valentines Day memory is with my children when they were small, now theyre grown and gone. I would make them heart shaped hamburger patties, it was a fovorite, with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy and lots of sweet treats! And a valentine with balloons for each one, I sure do miss those days.

  12. Am really enjoying seeing the creativity with these awesome pink wreaths. Have been jumping to the posts since seeing Jenny and Aaron’s post today. Really spectacular and a great wreath base to work with.

  13. My boyfriend and I’s first Valentines day just a couple weeks after he asked me out 🙂 .. he got me a little cute soft bear and roses 🙂 and we are still together four years latter 🙂

  14. My boyfriend and I’s first Valentines day together just a couple weeks after he asked me out 🙂 …. he got me a little cute soft bear and roses 🙂 …. and we are still together fours latter 🙂

  15. My favorite memory is when my children were little and fixing out all those Valentines for school! I had boys so it was a little less frilly than I would have loved but they had so much fun and then the ones they brought home, they would sit down and tell me all about the person who gave it to them. I miss those days, now 36 and 30 years later!

  16. Love how you turned your wreath into a shadow box. Super cute idea and love the hearts, roses and pictures you added to it. The sparkly clothes pins are the perfect touch also.

  17. Love the wreath! Today’s my boyfriend and my second anniversary. 🙂 Just under two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, we had only been dating a week. I wasn’t sure if we’d do anything to celebrate since our relationship was so new. But on V-day, he showed up at my place with a basket full of mini DESSERTS from Whole Foods! Hehe. Clearly it was meant to be. 😉

  18. Love what you did with your valentine wreath. I would keep it up for a very long time, and my sweetie would let me! After 32 years of marriage, its nice to still be in love

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