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Baked Nutella Rolls

Baked Nutella Rolls
Baked Nutella Rolls


OK, I admit it, I’m a sucker for Pinterest ideas too. These Baked Nutella Rolls are proof. I saw a video on Pinterest showing how to make these and it looked so easy, I IMMEDIATELY went the to the store and bought the ingredients. And, it’s true. This recipe is a cinch.


Pick up a tube of crescent dinner rolls, two jars of Nutella, and some baking spray.


Unroll the dough and spread the Nutella evenly from corner to corner.


Now carefully roll it up into a tube.


Use a piece of string to cut the slices. TIP: Cut slices about half the size of this. I’ll know for next time!


Spray the cupcake pan with baking spray and bake according the dough’s package directions.


Let cool, then remove from the pan and enjoy. Oh sweet baby Jesus, these are so fine. I think next time I’ll add chopped nuts. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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