Blu-Ray/DVD GIVEAWAY: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


I’m giving away FIVE Blu-Ray DVD copies of the family comedy, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb! This comedy releases in stores on Tuesday, March 10, and here is your chance to score a copy FREE! My hope is that it will inspire a fun family movie night with no smartphones, video games or interruptions. Just you and your honey buns hunkered down for a night of laughter and memories!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below sharing your favorite idea for family movie night – maybe it is a popcorn recipe, or a something else! I’ll choose five names at the end of the week and the movie studio will mail out your prize!

Good luck! Happy movie watching!


Love & light,

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  1. We keep family movie nights pretty simple, but we do like to make sure that we have the standard movie treats like licorice and popcorn. We usually add shredded cheese and extra butter to the popcorn.

  2. For a fun family movie night, I make a tub of buttered air popped popcorn and individual mugs of warm delicious mug cakes.

  3. Movie night at our house is homemade milkshakes and popcorn. And cuddle up on the floor with pillows and blankets

  4. I love to make ladyfinger popcorn using coconut oil and then topping with real butter and truffle salt for everyone, and then if it’s cold, we also make cocoa. Watching movies with my family is a lot of fun.

  5. My idea for my movie-loving family is for each of us – only 5 – to create our own pizza. My daughter-in-law is Filipino so she will make her famous egg rolls and we will of course have a case of Coronas chillin in the fridge. I love that my kids are all grown up! 🙂

  6. Family night is hanging out and trying to watch a movie. but in reality we talk and laugh about what has happened in our life together as a family……do you remember when….. and then it’s a real good time for all of us. Sometimes we even actually see some of the movie. Great memories <3

  7. I like to make pretzels with alot of mustard. Also I like to have plenty of drinks. The pretzels are salty.

  8. Movie night in my home is crazy fun, the nieces and nephews come over its chex mix, popcorn, grandmas coco and pajama sleep over. It also turns out to be date night for my brothers and sisters and their spouses, while grandma and I keep the kids.

  9. We like to have a buffet, w/all of our favorites (mac n cheese-wings etc) paper plates (for easy cleanup) and we usually like to yell at the screen during our favorite scenes!

  10. Buffet style is the way to go! All of our fav snacks,paper plates (for easy clean up!) we always like to yell at the screen!

  11. Movie night, at my parent’s home, would sandwiches, chips, and wine. Then we would watch the movie. Growing up in Wisconsin, we would make hot dogs and popcorn (from our garden) in the fireplace. Different times, special memories. I have been helping them through nasty colds and this movie would cheer everyone.

  12. Every Friday is family night wth pizza, fresh baked cookies , and a new movie. The kids look forward to winding down after school all week!

  13. Movie night we like to make our own pizzas. I make the dough and I grill vegetables. We have pepperoni, and cheese and peppers.

  14. My grand daughter and four dogs and I pile up together on the couch and chow down with popcorn and chips. We have to fight off the dogs to eat our snacks, but end up eventually sharing with our four legged family members!!!! Just everyone being together is what we love.

  15. My favorite ideas for movie night is sitting in front of the fire, with a big bowl of popcorn and cookies and the whole family watching!

  16. In the summer we like to do outdoor movie night on my neighbor’s white garage door using a projector and a laptop. We break out the blow-up camping mattresses, folding chairs and plastic cups. And being outdoors, it doesn’t matter how much popcorn the kids spill!

  17. Thanks Kathy for the opportunity. At home we have the tradition that every Friday night is family night, movie nigth, time to eat popcorn and enjoy family.

  18. I have just started having family movie nights on Friday. It’s a great way to wind down after a busy week. We usually order pizza for dinner and then make popcorn (the old fashioned way on the stove) and watch a movie. We try to pick a new movie each week. We would love to see this one!

  19. We love melting cheese over tortilla chips to make nachos! It’s a great addition to every family movie night! Thank you! 🙂

  20. We like chips and dip when we watch a movie. Later on, we like something with chocolate like brownies or Reeses Pieces!

  21. My popcorn recipe is melted butter with a little bit of either olive or coconut oil mixed into it, pour over the popcorn and sprinkle with some parmesan cheese.

  22. Well I’m sure its not my idea but its a classic that my friends and I always do on a movie night: PJs, pizza, and fresh from oven cookies 🙂

  23. Just me and my daughter in my living room on the couch with popcorn and milkshakes with a new release Redbox movie!

  24. we like to rent a bunch of movies,choose one in the dark and watch it.We cuddle up on the sofa with blankies, hot tea w/honey and popcorn of course, ( we sprinkle it with cayenne or hot sauce) also a bit of sweet chocolate & licorice…the we just laugh our butts off at the flick…:)

  25. Has this ended? I only see 3 winners selected above.

    For family movies nights we pop fresh popcorn with our popcorn maker using coconut oil and salt. We all like to snuggle up on the couch with blankets and pillows. Sometimes I will print a fun coloring sheet to go along with the movie in case the kids need something to keep their hands busy. Since the grandparents LOVE the Night at the Museum movies we would include them too!

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