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My adventure at CeramaJam!

This is the project I’m teaching this year to hundreds of paint on pottery studio owners! I call it a Happiness Box!


Before I go into my adventure at CeramaJam (and what that exactly is), let me start with this: Not sure if you have noticed, but making and teaching ceramics has become a big part of my business, life and passion lately, thanks to Duncan Ceramics and iLoveToCreate! It started as an occasional hobby, then grew into a crazy busy mug business, then teaching at the ceramics convention and now at CeramaJam! CeramaJam is an event put on by Bisque Imports that takes place throughout the year all over the country. It’s for owners of paint on pottery studios. It’s a chance for them to learn new techniques, get business tips and compare notes. These folks are creative entrepreneurs, excited to share creativity!

There are five events total, and the first one was a couple weeks ago in New Jersey. Talk about weather shock for this desert chica. ZERO degrees there! Who am I kidding, I didn’t care, I had a blast!


This is where the two-day event took place – The Pink Elephant Pottery Studio. The shop is so cozy and beautiful and bursting with color. They not only teach pottery, but also glass fusing, painting and more.


I asked a gazillion questions about how to fire glass in my kiln. I’m waiting for my travel schedule to lighten so I can try it!


I want to make one of these!


The idea of the Happiness Box is to put in notes all year when good things happen to you. Then when you’re down, you open the box and read one of the notes! We used one of the new Duncan bisque jewelry boxes and Embellie handles and all my favorite colors of Duncan Underglazes. I supplied four templates for the studio owners to use on their box: a sugar skull (of course), a heart, a banner and a cupcake.


I gave them an hours worth of promo ideas for their businesses. My TOP tip for ANY retail store? Make sure to have signs all over with your social media handles! Make it easy for customers to share their awesome experience with the world!


I was able to chat with some of the studio owners, here is an adorable mom and daughter team, their studio is My Own Masterpiece in CT.

ceramajam24 ceramajam25

There were some talented artists in the group, I think it’s so wonderful for them to share their talents through their business!

Have you ever painted pottery at a studio? What did you make? Did you know you can fuse pieces together? Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming tutorial:


To learn more about pottery and ceramics, visit iLoveToCreate!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like it was a ton of fun and as usually I love all your designs. Stay Sparkly!


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