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Doodled Bunnies Salt & Pepper Shakers

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These doodled bunnies salt & pepper shakers are what happens when I come across “blank” things. I feel a need to decorate them. I CANNOT RESIST! I picked these up from Target and used paint pens to draw all over them. They look tattooed! Make sure to use paint pens intended for glass so the ink won’t rub off. Or you can use nail polish pens or even Puffy Paint! These are perfect for adding some personality to your Easter table! I wonder what they say to each other at night when everyone is asleep…


I also have a video tutorial, scroll down to see!




YouTube video



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  1. These bunnies are adorbs! Did I just say that? 🙂 No really…you have decorated them so beautifully! Inspiration to start painting all blank surfaces with something fun!


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