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How to create and manifest good luck

Here is how to manifest good luck! It really is doable with the proper mindset and action.

How often do you look at successful people and think, “They sure have good luck!” – and then wish you had just a pinch of it? Ditch the rabbit’s foot already and take matters in your own hands. 

Here is how to manifest good luck:

1. Know what you want and take action. The good luck fairies need details, they don’t give out golden tickets that are good for everything. “I just want to be happy.” Well, that is pretty broad. Why not sit down and write out what it will take to make you happy? Take each item and break it down into a checklist. Then list action items – things you can do to get the ball rolling. Trust me – this will kick start a chain of events!

2. Extend your reach. You can’t fill out one job application and expect to get hired on the spot. Put yourself out there and in new places. When I was younger, I used to have a boyfriend who always won contests. I thought he was naturally lucky. Turns out, he used to enter dozens of contests he found in magazines. He’d write out postcards with his information and send them in. He increased his chances! Have you ever noticed when you put in several pitches, they will all hit at the same time? That’s a good problem to have! The more you extend your reach, the more contacts you’ll connect with.

3. Take chances. I have a friend who doesn’t have health insurance and needed cataract surgery on both eyes. She paid for one, had the surgery, but didn’t have enough money for the second one. While in her doctor’s office, she noticed the artwork on the walls. For her follow up, she took a small bronze sculpture her husband made (valued at $3,000) and offered it as a trade to the eye doctor for the surgery on her other eye. The doctor loved the sculpture and said YES. My friend is back to perfect vision, and her eye doctor not only is the proud owner of amazing art, but it serves as a great promotion for my friend too. All she did was ask. Of course, this won’t happen every time, but it’s worth a try!

4. Take a break from the luck-suckers. These are the negative forces in your life. People who bring you down, depressing TV shows or music, clutter around your home or work area, even blah color schemes. Infuse your daily life with light and upbeat things. It doesn’t mean changing who you are or becoming a Perky Pollyanna, but if nothing is happening the way you are running things now, this is a way to shake up your world in a good way.

5. Appreciate the good luck you already have. This is a biggie! Do you have your limbs? Air in your lungs? Money for coffee? Of course, we want and deserve more than the basics, but you have to start with a good foundation. I do this on a smaller scale. When I’m having a bad day, I take a deep breath and count the things that DID go right. It’s all in the spin!

6. Connect with like minds. There is no way one person can handle everything, you have to have a little help. Use your instincts to find the people you click with, and help each other. This can mean trading links, offer feedback and insight into situations and having each other’s back. Keep that inner circle tight and trustworthy. Give as much, if not more, than you take.

7. Go with what works. If you keep hitting roadblocks or having bad luck in your quest – take those as signs to take a new path. The universe is sending you a message. Sit back and think about the good luck that has already come your way – what brought it on? What area is it in? Go with that, or at least find a way to incorporate it into your plan.

8. Be happy with the success of others. Instead of thinking “I’m mad, I deserved that!” Think, “What are they doing that I can learn from?” Give credit where it’s due. Never underestimate anything or anyone and soak up all you can to improve your chances.

9. Keep your antennae up and open for reception. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities – and not just in your comfort circle, but also in other industries, markets, demographics. Don’t limit yourself. Know that good luck doesn’t always come in the form we expect or hope for, sometimes it teaches us to look at the situation from a new perspective.

10. Pay it forward and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Keep the cycle of good luck going, know that you are worthy and that your time will come. All good things come with hard work!

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  1. Some people are literally born happy. The rest of us have to work on it. But just like you can be in the habit of second guessing yourself, you can get in the habit of forging ahead–just get lots of sunshine!


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