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Easy DIY polymer clay bracelets

You’ll love these Easy DIY polymer clay bracelets! I’ve made and sold these sculpted clay bracelets for years.

And for years I’ve had people ask for a tutorial. If you do make these, give them your own unique twist!

Sometimes it’s hard to part with a recipe you came up with. I LOVE making these bracelets!

Years back, I made hundreds of them for Target stores, and used to make them as button covers for Urban Outfitters in the mid-90s.

I’ve also made larger and smaller variations and used as earrings, pendants, all kinds of things! Now I make them once a year to sell at events.

But, well, today I’m finally sharing the tutorial with you! I guarantee that once you get “rolling” you’ll come up with your own designs to make them all your own!

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SUPPLIES for DIY polymer clay bracelets:

Polymer clay

Rolling pin of some sort

Craft knife

Acrylic paint

Glossy varnish

extra-strength adhesive

Bracelet blanks


Here are the polymer clay and tools I used.

Pinch off balls and massage them in your palm until soft. Then roll each ball out flat and cut into circles or shapes. I made my own cutters for this, but they also sell them at the craft store.


Create ropes to outline each shape, then add a decorative accent on top. Bake in the oven according to package directions on the clay.

Funny story abut my polymer clay bracelets

One time I made a huge batch, and set them on the kitchen counter to cool. Patrick was having band practice and I walked in the kitchen to find his guitar player, Rick, trying to bite one!

“Kath, I hate to tell you, but I think you over baked these, they are really dry!”

I gasped in horror because I had made JUST ENOUGH for my order. “They aren’t edible! They are clay! And I need every piece for an order!” I shrieked.

The next band practice we all laughed, but that night I had to crank out some new pieces because he crunched the others. AND – the silver lining?

Waking up in the Land of Glitter

I used the scene in my Waking Up in the Land of Glitter novel. My character of Ofie tries every craft possible to find her groove, and one night she has clay pieces cooling in the kitchen and her husband tries to eat them.

So I took the experience and used it for a fun scene in the story!

Back to the tutorial…

diy polymer clay bracelets

Once all your pieces are baked, then if desired, paint the tops with craft paint and add accents. Let dry and coat with glaze.


Glue pieces to the bracelet blank. Let dry and enjoy!


Have you ever worked with polymer clay? What do you make?

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  1. Ah, band practice, the cleaning out of the fridge, can I do a load of laundry while I jam?, smoke and beer, yikes makes me shiver just thinking about it.

    Love the beautiful bracelets- just in time for spring!!

  2. AHh I LOVE these! I’ve wanted to experiment with bracelet blanks for so long, but I’ve looked at JoAnn’s and Micheal’s and couldn’t find any! Do you have any suggestions? 🙂


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