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Tea towels makeover

YouTube video

Here is the video link for this project (giveaway has ended).

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I love tea towels to use in sewing projects! Stores always have new designs and they are super affordable! I came across these tea towels at Target (I shop at Target a lot, lol!) and they had silkscreened coffee cups on them. That is so me! All I could think of was coloring in the cups and then adding borders, which is what I did!

Once you finish you can do another and create a giant floor pillow or a purse or a drawstring dress for a little girl. There are lots of ideas!

I made a video for this – and it’s a special video because for once, I’m actually IN the video, not just my hands! Yup, I put on make-up, brushed my hair and set up the camera rig, the whole thing. So I hope you like it!

Go to the video page (LINK), leave a comment telling me what you would like to make with the towel I colored and I’ll choose one person to win it! Double entry if you share it! (Notate that in your comment!)


To color the tea towels, pre-wash them then use Tulip Fabric Markers to add the color. You don’t need to heatset, they are good to go!


YouTube video

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16 thoughts on “Tea towels makeover”

  1. I use the old fashioned pre-stamped toallitas to embroider and then depending on the image (usually the Catholic Santos) turn them into little pillows. When it’s just the outline, I color it in, then embroider the outline of the image.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I love the fun, happy way you brightened up those tea towels! Since I am so not a crafty person..(artistically challenged).. I would use that towel for exactly what it’s meant for in my kitchen…well not exactly for tea but as a beautiful and fun dish towel to hand dry delicate glasses, etc. and then to hang over the oven door for all to see! After and before use it will be on display in my kitchen just as a piece of fun art!
    Thanks…you are so fun to watch and listen to! 🙂

  3. Beuatiful Cloth, It would look great as a curtain or swag in my kitchen, but then yet I could also use it as servilletas for my tortillas, and also use it ion my kitchen table with a clear cover over it for everyone to enjoy it as we sit for our meals.

  4. I love the bright colors that the fabric paint made this cute coffee cup towels into. I would make a really cute half apron with it 🙂 and the other half I would make a cute coffee coasters

  5. I would use this fabric as sevilletas for tortillas or decor such as window curtain or swag, but my main idea it ould be table cloth cover it with a traditional clear plastic table cover for everyony to enjoy.

  6. Hi Kathy
    What a beautiful fabric has been you, congratulations. I like a lot. What I sew with it is an apron for my mother because mom really likes coffee cups and your colors are a beautiful reminder coffee break.

    P.S. I love your earrings


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