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Image transfer to wood

Have you ever wanted to transfer images from paper to wood? This image transfer method is super easy with happy results! For starters, you’ll need to print laser color copies, not inkjet. Second thing? Remember your image will transfer backwards, so if you are using lettering, make sure you print your image on paper BACKWARDS so it will transfer correctly.



Aleene’s Collage Pauge

Wood plaque



Aleene’s Spray Sealer, Glossy


Coat the picture with the decoupage, then place it face down on the wood surface. Use an old gift card to drag across the paper to remove any air bubbles. Let it dry overnight.


Once it is completely dry, soak the sponge and squeeze the water on top of the image on the wood. Let it soak in until you see the image show through. Now use the sponge to gently rub off the paper backing of the image. Keep going until all the backing paper is removed.


Let it dry. you’re going to end up with a haze like this. Don’t freak! Just go over it again with the wet sponge and roll off the paper.


It could look aged in some areas, but I like that! Make sure to use thin paper for your original print, less to roll off. If you use thicker paper it will be really hard to remove it all. Now add a coat of shiny sealer!


Look how bright and shiny it looks! Once you get the hang of this, you’ll become addicted, it’s soooo fun!

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