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Sari-Ribbon Beaded Earrings


These Sari-wrapped Beaded Earrings were inspired by a gorgeous box of beads I received by HouseOfGems.com. It’s an online jewelry supply shop that has every kind of bead you can think of! I knew I also had gorgeous sari ribbon yarn that I purchased from DarnGoodYarn.com and knew these two would be a match made in designer heaven!

I LOVE jewelry making because it allows me to use up my excess supplies in a creative way. We’ve all been there, right? In order to incorporate the sari, I used wire bases that were either store bought or that I made myself from silver wire.

Here is a picture of the beads that House of Gems sent me – all my favorite colors!


And the sari ribbon yarn!


Find a set of beads that inspire you! Next, basecoat the hoop with white glue or Mod Podge.

Wrapped the sari ribbon all around and let it dry.


Then I used 22 gauge sterling wire and round nose pliers to add the milagro to the bottom and the bead and earring fixture to the top. Here is a video from HouseofGems so you can see how to do that part!


For this pair below, I used a crochet hook and stitched seven, then went back and stitched again, I looped them with a jump ring and added a bead!


I loved this color combo and the contrast of textures!


So I made hoops!


Thank you so much to HouseOfGems.com for the beautiful beads!!!

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