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21 Crafty Things From The Container Store


I have this routine where I pretty much stick to my list of stores for my crafty shopping. But a couple months back, The Container Store opened a location by my house. I’ve heard people rave about it, so I decided to check it out! All I can say is that I found a treasure chest of crafty goodies for use in my studio. OK, let’s check them out, let me know what you think and if I missed anything!

1. Shoulder shapers. You put these on your hangers so your blouses don’t get those weird creases on top. But these would also work great for fabric projects too! Or for drying handmade paper into the shapes of books.

2. Swing arm pant hanger. Perfect for holding spools of ribbon, or jewelry chain, clothes pins for drying small items.


3. Super cute liner paper. For the inside of handmade books or journals. Run it through your die cut machine for wall decal art (silhouettes, letters, etc.)


4. Customizable compartment trays. For items that don’t always fit in the same square area. Right?


4. Clear bins. Oh, the ease of finding color coordinated decoden supplies! And with front drawers, no more shoebox lids to mess with!


6. Boot stands. This is perfect for those of us who like to glitter or paint the bottoms of shoes! What else would you use this for, I know it must have more uses!


7. This is a shoe rack, but can double as a drying rack too.


8. These clips are AWESOME to fill with resin, just put duct tape behind them and boom – you have a cute mustache or sunglasses bezel!


9. Tins and more tins. Put your business label on top and fill with some kind of promo item or mini-creativity kit to give out or sell.


10. Gift boxes in every color! Decoupage the tops with your favorite images, use rubber stamps to embellish the sides!


11. More gift boxes in standard and odd-shaped sizes. These will be great for holiday vending. Upcharge your customers to get one these gift wrapped!


12. Burlap bags that can be embroidered, stenciled or used for craft kits. i’m going to stock up on the cotton muslin bags, perfect for using a handmade stamp for your business!


13. Metal storage cabinets, nice to hold rubber stamps or special items.


14. Straws and mini gift bags to match! Hello, party planning!


15. I haven’t thought what to do with this yet (aside from its intended purpose) – it’s ribbon that stretches and they have it in gobs of colors!


16. They actually have a DIY craft station! You can mix and match according to how big of a space you need!

17. Mini containers in various shapes and sizes! From beads to dye to slip – there is a bottle for every kind of crafty use. These are just a few, they actually have an entire wall filled with these!


18. Small trash bins. Great for sorting items you want to recycle or give away, such as fabric, paper scraps, etc. Or for soaking fabric in dye overnight. Much more compact than the sink or a big old plastic bin.


19. Tool box. Use this for all your coveted HAND’S OFF tools, like fabric scissors, imported markers, 24 karat gold leaf. You know what I mean!


20. Smartphone stand (holds by suction!): No more clumsy tripod to film videos,now you can use this easy stand that holds on to your phone with a suction feature!


21. Glass jars for all the things! Whether you are into terrariums, snow globes, assemblage, candy –  or whatever, you can find your glass jar spirit animal right here!


DIY Ring Holder

Stamped Clay Plate (& Liquor Bottles)


2 thoughts on “21 Crafty Things From The Container Store”

  1. wow, I don’t have a container store near, at least not that I’m aware, I’m scared if they bring one near after looking at some of the goodies you found. I need a lot of those and more. thanks for sharing

  2. The pants hanger would be of good use in a campout. Towels, paper towels, wash cloths, utensils, etc.

    If you use the suction phone holder to make video, do you need to be careful on the angle of the holder? I am new to device video recording. Does the camera need to be square to your stage?


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