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How to make a geode necklace


Here is how to make a Geode Necklace – you’ll love this tutorial and learn about geodes!

Geode may look boring and bland on the outside, but inside they are filled with gorgeous, colorful crystals!

Jeshua used a large nut from the tool box, extra strength adhesive, and faux geode crystals to make this unique necklace.

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Learn about geodes

Geodes are natural wonders that can be found all over the world. These rocks have a hollow center that is filled with a variety of minerals, giving each geode a unique look. Geodes can be found in a variety of colors, including blue, green, purple, and white.

what are geodes!
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They are geological objects that are formed when gas bubbles or mineral-rich fluids are trapped in igneous or sedimentary rocks.

Found all over the world, they come in many different shapes and sizes. Some geodes are hollow, while others are filled with a variety of different mineral deposits. The most common type of geode is a hollow sphere, but other shapes include tubes, clubs, and almond-shaped. Geodes can be found in a variety of different colors, including white, black, blue, green, and pink.


Geodes are usually made up of quartz, but can also include other minerals. They are opened to reveal their inner beauty, which often consists of crystals or other minerals.

Opening a geode is the ultimate reveal!

It often display the beautiful crystals or other minerals that are hidden inside. Geodes can be found in both natural and man-made formations, and can vary in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Some geodes are even large enough to be used as doorstops or to sit on!

To open a geode, you’ll need a chisel and a hammer. There are all kinds of others ways, too, just check out TikTok to see more.

Use the chisel to make a small hole in the geode. Then, use the hammer to hit the chisel until the geode splits open. If the geode is very thick, you may need to hit it several times in order to break it open. be careful not to damage the crystals or minerals inside.

Once the geode is open, you can take a closer look at the beautiful crystals inside

Some geodes contain large, well-formed crystals, while others have a more chaotic appearance. No matter what, each geode is a unique and beautiful sight.


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Geodes are a popular choice for jewelry

And CRAFTS, like this one – the necklace Jeshua made!

Geodes are super popular among jewelry makers and other craftspeople for centuries. The natural beauty of the stones, combined with their unique shapes, make them a popular choice for a wide variety of decorative items. While many people think of geodes as a type of rock, they are actually a form of mineral. This makes them strong and durable, which is why they have been used for such decorative items.

They make gorgeous decorations, and they can also be used for educational purposes. If you’re lucky enough to find a geode, be sure to take a look inside and see what color it is!

There is so much to learn about geodes!

Now imagine all the crafty opportunities!

Okay here is how to make a geode necklace

How to make a geode necklace - faux geode crystals


Faux geode crystals. If you can use real geode crystals, awesome! But don’t let the lack of them stop you from creating this necklace. 

You can buy a collection of mini-bottles of all kinds of crystals here.

Extra strength adhesive 

Threaded hex nut (size of your preference)

20 gauge wire 

Jewelry pliers


Metallic enamel paint and paint brush



Directions for how to make a make a geode necklace


Start with the threaded hex nut. You’ll need to create the base to hold the chain.

Cut a piece of the wire about 8″ and center it through the hex nut. Pull both ends up and twist them, and then use your needle nose pliers to create a loop to feed through the chain so you can wear it!

Tuck the ends under so they do not show.

Make sure there are no rough edges of the wire, you don’t want to scratch yourself wearing it!


Construct the geode necklace

Paint the hex nut with the gold paint and let dry. You may want to add a second coat.

Fill the hex nut with the adhesive and then place your small geodes one-by-one so that you like the way they look.

Make sure each geode is attached to the glue and the hex nut so it won’t come apart.

Let dry for an hour.

Add the chain so you can wear your new geode necklace!

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If you love geode designs, check out my other projects 

Here is how to make a tie-dye geode-inspired shirt!

For the technique I tied dozens and dozens of small notches in the shirt white it was damp and then added black dye. I loved how the final look turned out. Check out the tutorial!

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And in case you do come across a geode, here is how to open one safely!

How to Open a Geode: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Unveiling

Opening a geode can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be a little daunting if you’re not sure how to do it properly. There are a few different ways to open a geode. You can use a knife to cut it open, or you can use a hammer to break it open. You can also use a geode saw to cut it open.

What are the best tips for opening a geode?

Use the right tools: A chisel and a hammer. Geodes can be delicate, and you don’t want to damage them while opening them. Finally, have patience. It can take some time to break open a geode. But it’s definitely worth it when you see the beautiful crystals inside!

What are the dangers of opening a geode?

Perhaps the most obvious danger is that the geode may contain a poisonous gas. Another danger is that the geode may contain sharp crystals that could cut you. Finally, there is always the possibility that the geode contains nothing but rocks and dirt. If you are expecting to find a beautiful crystal inside, and you open the geode to find nothing but rocks, you will be majorly bummed!

What are the benefits of opening a geode?

When you open a geode, you can see the beautiful crystals inside. Geodes are formed when gas and liquid escape from a volcanic eruption. The crystals inside can be different colors, depending on the type of minerals.

Some people believe that geodes have spiritual or healing properties. Some people also believe that the crystals inside a geode can help to improve your mood or energy levels.

So, if you’re ready to unveil the beauty of a geode, follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a successful experience. Happy geode hunting!

Thanks for checking out my post all about geodes and how to make a geode necklace!

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