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Mixed Media Spray Painted T-Shirt

In the mood for a spray painted t-shirt? I’m on my way to  Miami first thing in the morning, but before I leave, I wanted to get this Mixed Media T-Shirts project posted for all of you! I recently tried out the new Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color and gave it a try on a tee. Pretty cool! Errr, OK, honestly, my first two attempts were fails (my fault, not the product), I got a little too excited and accidentally…oh gosh, I’ll share that story later!

YouTube video

I call this a mixed media shirt – because I used a variety of different products:

You can buy the stencil at TheCraftersWorkShop.com

Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color

Tulip Fabric Crayons

Tulip Fabric Markers

Puffy Paint

Watch my video to see how it all came together!

spray painted shirt shirt3

YouTube video

Stamped Clay Plate (& Liquor Bottles)

Losing weight, fresh ideas, evolving!


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