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Here is how to make these Mood Lifter Mother’s Day Candles (I have free label templates for you at the bottom of this post!).

Maya went with me to shop one day, being Mother’s Day season, we looked around for ideas. She went immediately to dish aisle. UM. What is wrong with this picture?

Moms don’t want MORE DISHES!

Moms want, well, we want…comfort…and to be pampered…to be given a break, a rest. Something to remove us from the stresses of daily routine. Can I get a HECK YAH? That’s the thing with gifts for moms. we don’t want work gifts. No pans, no blenders, no dishes to wash. We want things to make us feel like we are at a bed and breakfast, even. if it only for a moment. 

Then I saw this:


This display of beautiful and bright candles in a rainbow of colors – and no labels! That meant I could not only create my own decorative labels, but also my own themes. Instead of cliché ones like “Topical Paradise” I went with REAL MOM WISHES…like

“A Foot Rub to  Follow”

“Don’t Argue With Me”

“Someone Else is Cooking Dinner”

“The Chores are Done”

You can’t go wrong with candles, trust me! Think of how much fun you can have this this idea! You can pick the things your mom really craves and make labels themed around them. The best thing is that they are priced at $6.50 and smell super yummy. I’m super picky about my candles, I give these a go for your mom!


Here’s how I did it. I bought three of the candles. Big Lots has a lot of candles to choose from, but I like these for this project because the glass is very smooth and they are perfectly colored for spring. When it comes to designing the label, you can 100% DIY it with scrapbook paper or do what I did and go digital. I used Pic Monkey. This photo editing web site has a lot of label choices!


I used the Victorian label series and chose one pattern and different color themes. I have templates for you to use at the bottom of this post!


I used 4×6 paper (sold in packages at the store), and used the 4×6 template on Pic Monkey. Once you have your design, insert the paper glossy side down into your printer.


Now it’s time to put them on the candles – this is the fun part!


Cut out each label.

mothers-day-candles5 mothers-day-candles6

Next, you’ll need an adhesive. I like to use a dry adhesive, like this Aleene’s Tacky Tape that is double-sided. I didn’t use a wet glue because I didn’t want the paper to ripple.

Once you peel off the tape’s backing, center the label on the candle and press in place. Be careful because one you place it, you won’t be able to remove it!


It looked nice, but it needed to look classy, it needed SPARKLE! So I used some crystals that you just peel and stick in place – they actually come in long rows to make it easy.


And there you have it!

mothers-day-candles10 mothers-day-candles11 mothers-day-candles12

Here are some printable labels you can use for your own project!

chores orange 2 TEAL 2

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2 thoughts on “Mood Lifter Mother’s Day Candles”

  1. Congrulations on your on new accomplishment ! I usually read your post and smile to myself, because I see you “going for it” with amazing results. Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas that to me ,( I’m a in the box thinker, health care provider) are easy and fun . Renee O

  2. After meeting you at Press Publish, I’ve promised myself to not shy away from crafting! You and your projects are so approachable. I need more glitter in my life! Thank you, Kathy! Happy Mother’s Day ❤


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