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Need some teacher appreciation gift DIYs for next week? Here’s a good one! Just in case you didn’t know – next week happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week! My friend, Laura Kelly, asked if I wanted to join in the fun of her blog tour to not only celebrate teachers, but promote her wonderful new self-inking stamps from Expressionery.com! Of course I said Y to the ES! When I think back on the teachers I had in grade and high school, and even college – their words still stick with me today. And I love Laura’s products!

My fifth grade teacher help me discover my love of writing. Every week we had to write a little story and draw a picture to go with it. Many times, she liked my stories so much, she had me read them out loud to our homeroom class. One time, to the ENTIRE 5th grade! And then in high school there was Mrs. Finerman, my journalism teacher. She not only helped me better my writing for the newspaper staff, but also took me on a life changing trip to Europe. Then there was Mr. Schenker, my yearbook teacher, who made me co-editor with my best friend, Dana.


Maya just brought over her phone where Tyra Banks was Periscoping! OMG, my life is made, I love Tyra! Periscope is where you watch people live on video. I love Tyra, it was like she was right HERE! I’m sooo giddy right now!

Collecting myself..okay, back to this blog post (sorry)

*cracks knuckles*

ANYWAY, back to the teacher appreciation project! I thought about if I was a teacher, what would I want from my students? I’ll tell you right now: A coffee cup filled with guilty pleasure treats! I made the cup, but you can buy one or make your own too!

Scroll down for a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card, and a list of ideas for other teacher appreciation gift DIY ideas!


For starters, I was sent my very own Expressionery stamp, and I love it because not only is cute, but I also plan to use it for all the things I make! It says “Handmade by Kathy Cano-Murillo.” I used this on the gift tag for the Happiness Cup.

I gathered up items goodies!

BelVida protein biscuits, Via packs, nail polish, lip gloss, emergency glitter, a hair mask and candies.


I placed them all inside the cup. Below is the back of the cup – always place the taller items in the back.


Now to make the stamp! I used a punch to make these heart tags.


Here is the stamp, ready for action!



And it fit perfectly on my heart! I actually ended up stamping a whole bunch of these to use on future projects and gifts!


I strung a piece of ribbon and attached it to the mug. If you want, you can tie it up in cello wrap.


 – Handmade book that contains an assortment of $5 gift cards

– A simple pair of beaded earrings

– Happiness bracelets

– Bath bomb cupcakes


Thank you so much to Laura Kelly for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour, and Expressionery for the stamp and notepads! See all of Laura’s Expressionery products HERE.

Here is a chance to win a $250. gift card!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Make sure to visit all the other bloggers on the tour!

#expressionerylovesteachers – share the fun!

Love & light,

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  1. Your gift came out darling, Kathy! Love it! And I love the relationship you have with Maya. Very similar to me and my grown daughter Kayley. We text back and forth all day! She doesn’t live at home anymore, but we are closer than ever!

  2. I’m falling in love with all the gift tags I’m seeing in this blog tour. They really put the finishing touch on the gift.

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