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Tears, exercise, and popcorn!

This picture will come into play later in this post…

This was one of those days that I’ll remember for a long time. So, you know how I’ve been on this weight loss mission? I have my food routine down pat. But it’s boring due to repetition. This morning I woke up and told Patrick, “I’m splurging on my points today, I’m going to get a Starbucks breakfast sandwich!”

I didn’t even change out of my icky paint clothes. I figured I’d hit the drive-thru and be done. So I sprinted to the car for my precious pastry treat. But here in Phoenix, it’s 111 degrees in the morning and NO ONE wants to leave their air conditioned comfort. Therefore, the drive-through line threaded out into the main street. I blew off Plan A and decided to visit another Starbucks to save time. I got there and the same thing – a huge line that fed beyond the parking lot, and even worse, my car was trapped in a wonky position.

I’d wasted time, and the hunger pains set in, followed by crankiness. I called Patrick and whined, “I’m coming home, the line is too long at Starbucks, and I’m hungry!” Actually it escalated to the point of HANGRY.

Patrick paused and said, “With all that is going on in the world, you call me crying because the Starbucks line is too long? Woman, pull yourself together!”

Yup, he served me. I deserved it. I felt like an idiot!

Luckily by then, the line went down, I got my coffee and sandwich and headed home. Just as I exited the car, juggling my purse, the keys, the coffee tray and bag – my finger accidentally hit the panic button on my car keys and the car alarm went off. Super loud. And it’s not just one sound, it is the kind of alarm that has three types of horns. It certainly draws attention, that’s for sure!

As the hours passed, my vibe felt off. I think with all the emotional national news with the shooting, I just couldn’t focus on anything. My heart felt so heavy with sadness for those poor, innocent people who died. I did my best to keep positive. And take a media break.

Then evening came and I remembered I signed up for a fitness class.

Little did I know that I’d be check-to-cheek with this tire. This tire tasted my sweat. This tire let me kick it and raise it over my head.

I kinda hit a weight loss plateau recently and I knew the only way to bust through was to MOVE MY BODY.

My friend Vanessa from SeeVanessaCraft sent me a message asking if I’d like to come to the West Valley Moms Night Out at Amenzone Fitness.


I took it as a sign to exercise and I happily agreed. I even talked my cousin, Stephanie, to go with me! I Googled Amenzone and came across this video:

YouTube video

Empowering! This is just the kind of place I where I wanted to break an exercise sweat. This guy’s story is so uplifting, and so is his motivation for his business. I love to support businesses like that! I arrived a bit early and saw this picture on the front window. Oh, dear lord, I thought. We are going to be jumping over tires? Ha! No. Way. Not me! I’m way too fat still!


Guess what? We didn’t jump over tires, but we did everything else with them. Mind you, I haven’t technically exercised in years (when I hiked at Glen Canyon). Even though I lost weight, I’m still big. It takes a lot of energy to lift these gams. The class filled in and I noticed I had to be the largest and the oldest person there.


I didn’t let it psych me out! I pushed myself and got through most of the sets. Some of them were way out of my skill set, but I did modified version. At one point there was a set where we had to step inside the tire and step out.

“I can’t do that,” I told the instructor. “I’ll fall, I have bad balance.” His assistant nodded and showed me the steps to do it without the tire. Then he stepped in and said to me, “Give yourself the chance to do it, you can. Watch me. Take it slow, one step at a time.” He then proceeded to slowly demonstrate the move and had me follow along.

Here I am, Miss Positivity and I kept saying, “I can’t do it, I’ll fall!”

“You won’t fall, stop saying that.” he said politely.

Soooo, I did the first round super slow, like 95-year-old granny slow. Then the next one I did like a 85-year-old granny, then a 75-year-old rowdy aunt, and so on until finally I found my groove – and I didn’t fall.

“See? He said. You did it! The more you do it, the better you’ll get and the more comfortable!”


But that wasn’t when I cried.

And the end, before he let us go, he gave an awesome pep talk and then asked all of us who was the greatest person who we hadn’t met, but always wanted to. People said Channing Tatum or Mother Teresa.

“No,” he said. “The greatest person you haven’t met yet is YOU. The you that lives inside your heart, that you that you are afraid to let out. Push yourself and let out that great person!”

That is when I shed a couple tears – of happiness!

Thank you so much to Vanessa and Sarah for inviting me, I had such a great time! I really needed this, not only for my body, but for my spirit. I REALLY pushed myself out of my physical comfort zone and I need to do it more often. Even though my thighs were like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US?”

After our workout! TOP: With Vanessa from SeeVanessaCraft and Sarah from MomEndeavors. Bottom left: Me with my cousin Stephanie; Right: With our instructor.

OK, the funny thing – I won one of the giveaways at the end of the night – two bags of gourmet popcorn from Purple Gurls!


I may have started the day wonky and shaky, but ended it with water drops down my chubby cheeks of courage and accomplishment!

To learn more about Amenzone Fitness, check out their YouTube channel!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.28.02 AM
Our West Valley Mom’s group – they all rocked it, powerful ladies!

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5 thoughts on “Tears, exercise, and popcorn!”

  1. I’m so proud of you!! I know how hard it is to walk into an exercise class and be the oldest/heaviest. But girlfriend you kicked butt!
    I’ve gotten pretty good at going to Yoga once or twice a week but now you make me think I need to step it up some. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  2. I’m so proud of you, Kathy. I love your spirit. I had you at Art Unraveled. You were so kind and inspiring. Don’t beat yourself up. Do this for YOU and your family. Hugs

  3. Hello Kathy,
    I have followed your crafting career and think you are amazing.
    Don’t let a lil weight weigh you down- as one curvy girl to another
    YOU can do it ! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress


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