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Peel & Stick Appliqué Pillow


Disclosure: Fiskars sent me scissors and I used them to make this appliqué pillow! This project is for people who say, “I couldn’t make something if my life depended on it!” It’s THAT easy! All you do is buy some toss pillows, then some fabric with jumbo flowers, which you cut out and use peel-and-stick fabric adhesive sheets to apply to the pillow. Boom! You are done! OK, here is a little bit more thorough tutorial, but really, it is that easy!

I call this style halfway-handmade because you get to take a shortcut that yields a fabulous result!



Blank pillows – I bought a set of two pillows from Target for $19.99. I love the look of adding flowers to a patterned background – it’s like making a scrapbook page!

Fiskars shears – one set of non-stick and one for fabric only

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Fabric Adhesive Sheets

Black Puffy Paint, glitter, optional

applique pillows1

This fabric is so colorful and the flowers are perfect for making appliqués! And make sure to use ultra sharp scissors, I use Fiskars shears – tip: to know which are for fabric, tie a strip of fabric on the handle so you and others won’t use them on glittered cardstock or tin…You don’t want to dull the blades!

applique pillows2

Cut out the flowers from the fabric.

applique pillows4

Set them on the pillow so you know where you want to place them.

applique pillows3

Line the back with the adhesive sheets, leave the protective sheets on the other side if there is any sticky portion extended. That way it won’t get stuck to anything!

applique pillows7

Press them one-by-one in place.

applique pillows5

Outline everything with black Puffy Paint, even details within the flowers!

applique pillows6

Let them dry. You can embellish further with glitter or gems, whatever you’d like!

applique pillows8

Here is a video tutorial for you to follow!

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