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5-minute Flower Arrangement

One thing I love about blogging is that it pushes me to try new things – even arranging flowers. When I was in Miami for the Casa Latina Home Expo last weekend, one of my on-stage demos involved flower arranging using the new Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruners. ACK! They sound so official and legit!

I even made a sketch to keep me focused!


No worries needed! Cut and insert! The concept is to use any kind of flowers and use creative jars, glasses, pitchers and mugs to display them! To keep things easy, I suggest using all of the same kind of flower.


– Flower bouquets from the store.

– Flowers from your garden.

– Silk or paper flowers you made!

– Use bigger flowers in bigger containers.

– Or use one jumbo flower in a small container.

– Use glitter mist to add some sparkle!


Stem-by-stem, hold it up to the container to know where to cut.


For this look, you want them to stand just above the top of the container to make the arrangement look full.


Insert them one-by-one into the cup, don’t forget to add water! Here is the finished look for this one:



I did have several other arrangements I made, BUT I was the last demo on the last day and there were only a handful of people in the seats. They stayed for the entire demo, and at the end I announced that each of them would go home with an arrangement I made. They leapt to their feet and clapped as if I had tossed them keys to a new car. They ran up to the stage and they ended up asking me for an autograph and then they came back to the Fiskars booth in the Expo hall so I could tell them about the other projects I made.

I love that you can show off the most awesome project, but it is the one-on-one connection or recognition that captures people’s attention and heart. We all became buddies by the end of the show!

Here is my friend, Ilean! She came by to support me, and of course I gave her a mug I made! If you need inspiration and practical tips for making money – Ilean is your chica! Check out her site!


And don’t forget the check out Fiskars to see all about these magical PowerGear2 Pruners!

Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruners!


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