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Here is a Father’s Day Chair that is totally functional. I like to call it a Dad’s Director Chair! It’s inspired by my husband who LOVES to grill. I figured if he spent all that time sweating and cooking, he at least needs a comfy throne!

I saw these for $44.99 and investigated! As you can see, other shoppers had the same idea! What sold me on this chair was that it is super sturdy. We are not a wispy-boned familia, if you know what I mean. I wanted Patrick to be able to plop in the chair and not worry about any kind of shimmying. I also liked that it has an attached food/drink tray and it easily collapses for storage.


At first I planned to cover it in fabric, but I kept it useful and waterproof. So I resorted to adding some hand painted love!

To do this, you’ll need:

– Chalk

– Fabric paint

– Liner and flat brushes

Use the chalk to draw your letters. I always start with the center word and work my way out. If you make a mistake, simply use a damp towel to rub off the chalk.


Now go over it with the fabric paint. If you don’t feel confident to hand write your letters, you can use stencils or even letter stamps!


Add some black for shadows. Then let it all dry!


Add what ever other accents you want!

Other ideas:

– Use letter stamps to add one of your dad’s best quotes.

– Use a black permanent marker and have all the kids sign the chair for dad.

– Spray paint stenciled designs.

– Decoupage photos on the tray portion.



Love & light,

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