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Juicy Ice Cubes

No matter what the weather, odds are people are going to be outside to enjoy the 4th of July. Here in Phoenix, keeping yourself hydrated is at the top of the safety list. Water is nice, but even better if you can add a touch of flavor. That was the inspiration behind these Gatorade Ice Cubes. I wanted something refreshing, but I hate sugary drinks. But if you make these ice cubes use them in a glass with water, it’s just the right light combination for relaxing outside on a hot summer day. Super easy, and super satisfying!


I themed these in red and blue for Independence Day, but you can choose whatever color combo you want and maybe even add in slices of fruit! You can really get custom with your cubes. I’m now thinking we could make some really beautiful drinks with all the different colors of sports drinks available now. And if you really want to get crazy, get some fun ice cube trays from Amazon! 


It can’t get any easier than this! Simply pour them into ice cube trays. 



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