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Glitter Cooler DIY

Summer is here, which means it’s time to think about outside crafts! This Glitter Cooler DIY is just the thing. Whether you make one for the 4th of July or paint one for Dad for Father’s day, it will leave a lasting impression. Hey, in my book, anything that is a solid surface is ready to be transformed! NOTE: I know it says 4th of July and I used hot pink glitter, but you can use red glitter to be more on point with the holiday. I was so excited to make this and ran out of red glitter, so I made do with the next best thing…

I had been wanting to glitter or at least paint a cooler and was about to, when I came across this site called TheCoolerNation.com – they sell already primed coolers of different sizes (prices range from $19-60.). I could have prepped my own, but I figured if they specialize in priming, I’d just order it. Then Patrick wanted one, so we ordered two. I guess we’ll have a lot of parties this summer in order to use our coolers!

I made a video tutorial, which you can see by clicking HERE, if you can’t see it below.
YouTube video

Here’s what my cooler looked like when it arrived. The primer is a matte finish and covers the entire surface. I like how they add blue painter’s tape along the top, I wouldn’t have thought of that. The top is primed, as well as the bottom.


You can check out my video to see the step-by-step, but here is what you need:

– Aleene’s Decoupage Medium.

– A wide soft, brush.

– A plastic bowl.

– Dry glitter. I used three different sizes – large flakes, medium and ultra fine.

– Spray paint to match the color of your glitter.

Directions: Using a spray paint color that matches your glitter, cover your cooler. Let dry. The reason for the matching paint color is so that it will look evenly glittered when it’s done, even if some spots are thinner than others. Now pour a 16-ounce bottle of decoupage medium in a bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the dry glitters together, then pour that mixture into the decoupage. Mix thoroughly. Using the wide brush, coat the glitter mixture evenly all over the cooler. One coat! It will be white, once it dries clear, add a second coat. Once that dries clear, add a third. Repeat for the top. Once it is all dry, accent and embellish as you wish, keeping in mind it needs to be waterproof and durable!


Other ways to decorate a cooler:

– Spray paint over stencils.

– Use a jumbo permanent marker and doodle all over.

– Use transfer paper to use a drawing or design.

– Add designs with duct tape.

– Decoupage photos or wrapping paper.

– Add rubber stamps designs on top and then coat with resin.

– Glue on oilcloth or another waterproof fabric.

gillteredcooler5 glittered-cooler glittered-cooler6

Patrick is still working on his cooler, I’ll share it when he is finished!

YouTube video

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