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Photo tip – use colored card stock to make fun background for your smaller items. I used glittered corrugated card stock for this shot! Someone gave me this adorable Chihuahua, isn’t she cute? I knew she would be a great subject for this photo!


Are you in need of a decent smartphone? Let me share some photos I took with the LGG4 that was sent to me. I want to share photo tips, but not the usual ones – rule of thirds, natural lighting and all that. You can find those tips anywhere! I’m going to share other kind of photo tips!

I absolutely had to test out the LGG4 before I could write about it, especially when it comes to photos. Being an artist and blogger who makes a living with the help of photos, I’m kinda picky in this area. I’m happy to report that I was delighted with the performance – one of my favorite features is the selfie cam. I don’t do a lot of selfies, but it’s nice to know there is an easy method. For this phone, you simply make sure the camera is facing you, then put your hand out in front of the screen, and then make a fist. The three-second timer goes off and snaps a shot. No more cramped fingers trying to hit the magic button!

It also has a ‘beautifying’ feature. Before you even snap your picture, you can slide the button on the screen to soften your face.

The photo on the left is without the filter and the right is with the filter at full force. Honestly, I like it somewhere in the middle, so I’m going to try that tomorrow!


But wow – look at that smoooth skin…

Tip #1: Selfie!


Here’s some tips on taking a good photo. I learned these from an interview I did with Simon Doonan, creative ambassador for Barneys New York, a while back:

– Put your head out like a turtle. This elongates your neck.

– Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This trims your double chin.

– Don’t say “CHEESE” – instead say “Thurssssday.” He says this gives the perfect natural smile and he swears by it.

Here are some of my tips:

– Check your hair before you snap a photo, especially if you are at an event. You don’t want a zillion pictures of you with a lopsided ‘do.

– Make sure you h ave lipstick on, if you can’t be seen without!

– If you are super picky, make sure your glasses are not on your head or hanging from your shirt.

– If you are posing with someone and using a smartphone, tell them to look into the camera lends, show them where it is!

Tip #2: Quote Art


Look around your house for small nuggets of happiness. I came across this little hula girl I painted a while back. I loved that she stood between two colorful frames. I snapped the picture and added a quote. Now I can even print this out and frame it or give it to friends!

Tip #3: Seek interesting patterns.


My daughter dyed this macrame purse and I have it hanging on the door inside the art studio. I love the detail of the knots and graduated colors. This would be a perfect spot to hang earrings for a picture for an online store. There are a lot of little grooves in there to hold hanging earrings.

Tip: #4: Tell a story!


This is a card holder I painted recently. I have yet to use it, but I took this picture and thought it would be smart to find a home for it on my web site – it tells my story – I paint, I work in ceramics, I love color and I run a business!

Tip #5: Even boring objects can be lively if you find the right angle!


These are some of my reader glasses. i’m bummed because I went to the eye doctor and he said I need a stronger lens, so I have to part with these soon. At least I got a cool picture of all of them!

And here are some other pictures I took with the LGG4, check out how sharp they came out!

LG-photo-tips10 lg-tips-frida

About the phone…


This is LG’s first IPS Quantum Display, and its brighter, more colorful and has excellent contrast. The back is curved to make it ergonomic and comfy in your hand. The camera captures hi-res images and video. It has an exclusive Color Spectrum Sensor that uses white balance detection to determine accurate colors. I definitely noticed this with the pictures I took, I hardly has to color correct them at all. My studio tends to give off a yellow cast in y photos, but I didn’t have that issue. The display is 5.5” Quad HD Quantum IPS, and the camera specs are Rear: 16MP with F/1.8 lens and OIS 2.0; Front: 8 MP. Memory: Internal 32GB, 3 GB RAM; MicroSD up to 2TB capable (MicroSD card sold separately).

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