My Week with a Toyota Prius!


If someone offered you a free, shiny new car for a week, what would you say? Yah, me too. Heck, yah! Last month I had the chance to own a Toyota Prius for seven days to celebrate Arizona Restaurant Week! It’s so wild the way it all works out, a rep from the car company comes and drops off a brand new set of wheels. He gives an overview of the car and all its features, and his phone number in case there are any questions that might pop up. Like, “How do you open the hood?” Luckily, I didn’t have any questions!

I’ve always been curious about the Prius! I’ma big girl and was worried it would be a snug fit, but you know what? I had no issues at all. I loved that it is so sporty and can fit in any parking spot in a cinch.


So pretty! My first stop, of course was Michaels. There is a shade for the back that you can pull over in case you are transporting cupcakes or candles, something you need protected from the sun.


On that Friday, my friend, Emily Costello (a fellow Phoenix Frida), had a show opening waaayyy across town in Chandler. I invited my friends Monique and Maciel to join me. Little did they know I’d put them to work in some fun Vines!

And this one…

That’s what happens when I invite you places – you never know what I’ll be up to or what i’ll ask you to do! Once we finished filming the Vines, we were off to Emily’s show. I normally get lost on my way to Chandler so I used the GPS. I didn’t get a picture of this part, but your speed reflects on the windshield just above the driver’s side dashboard. That way you don’t speed!


And we made it! I’m so proud of Emily, she is an amazing artist, the show was phenomenal and she sold almost all the pieces.


Having fun!

PicMonkey Collage

The next day, Patrick and Maya were out of town. I was home alone, kinda moping and being lonely. Then one of my friends let me know that she and her husband and kids were on their way way to eat at a new Cuban eatery right by my house. I asked if I could join them (how could they say no, right?)! I swiped on some red lipstick and jumped in the Prius and away I went!

Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant has won all kinds of awards and rightly so. I’ve had my fair share of Cuban food in Miami and this is the real deal.


Thank God it was early in the day and I still had a lot of Weight Watchers points! These are things I had one bite of. I swear!


This was my meal! I want to eat it again, like, right now!


I took this dessert home, it had coconut inside!


The rest of the week wasn’t as eventful, except for more craft shopping, the hair salon, the craft store again…!


Driving the Toyota Prius for a week was a huge change for me, because we own a Dodge Durango, which is gigantic. But it is also a gas guzzler.

For all the driving I did in the Prius, the gas barely went below half-tank.

toyota4 toyota5

Thank you so much to Jessica at Allison PR and Toyota for sharing the extended test drive love with me! It’s always fun to borrow a new car for a week, it makes you feel like a different person, with a new life!

Funny moment: I went to Goodwill to look for old watches so I could make this project  – and I pulled into a parking space and this man in the car next to me looks at me like, “Really. You drive a Prius and you shop at Goodwill.” Ha!

Here is more info on the Prius!


Love & light,

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  1. Hahahahaa!! LOVE IT!!! You make my LIFE!

    The Prius is on my wish list to own one day. I first fell in love with it when my children and I were homeless and a taxi was sent to us by a giving family to spend the holiday with them and share in their family dinner and festivities. It brings great memories.

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