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Free embroidery patterns (or for coloring!)

I have these free embroidery patterns for you today! Earlier this year I attended the Craft and Hobby Trade Show to demo some Tulip Fabric Markers. I drew up these designs for attendees to color and frame in an embroidery hoop and I recently came across the designs. The show is over, but I still have the designs. I thought I’d share them with you so you can use them for embroidery projects!

Click here to download the PDF: CraftyChicaEmbroidery


Here they are once I finished drawing them. After that, I took them to a friend who has a silkscreen business, and he printed them on fabric for me! I also printed the circle around the image so it would line up within the hoop.


They were a hit! We had hundreds of people come by and each person did something different! Coloring is so therapeutic!

embrodery4 embroidery1

Courtney from aLittleCraftInYourDay.com!


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embroidery3 embroidery5

Now, if you want to use the templates for embroidery, I suggest using a transfer pen – here are my favorites – from SublimeStitching.com.





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