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Fruttare Bars: My new low-cal fave!


This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Fruttare Bars and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions, experiences and delight in these fruit bars are 100% my own!

I’m down 30 pounds now thanks to a change in my eating habits! I started in the spring and am taking it Chicano style – low and slow…One of the biggest challenges I’ve had is incorporating my love for sweets. I brake for anything fried or coated in powdered sugar, nuts, chocolate and so on. It’s been a mental challenge everyday for me to overcome. I absolutely will not go without because that’s when I really go off the rails. So I add in a sweet treat every week – in moderation. I seriously plan ahead and schedule them. These days, I have it curbed down to a few select items that I rotate. I have a cake pop once and a cookie here and there.

Then this Fruttare Bars campaign came along and I checked out the web site. Fruit is zero points (that’s a good thing!) on my eating plan, so I made sure to review the ingredients to see if they were legit real fruit, or fake real fruit, lol.

Answer: LEGIT!

You can scroll through the section about the fruits to see where they come from – for example, the strawberries used in the Fruttare bars come from Southern California, and the black cherries from Oregon, bananas from Ecuador and so on.  I love the all-natural vibe of fresh fruit as a frozen bar – perfect for an Arizona summer.

Sold! I signed up!

fruttare web

I picked up the Mango and Coconut!


I started by tasting with the coconut and milk, and wow. It was everything I didn’t know I needed to spice up my healthy eating lifestyle! Very creamy and light. I polished off the bar and then whipped out my smartphone to see how many points I’d just downed.

FOUR. That’s all! Only four points! And the Mango, and most of the others are only two points. OMG, that is so totally doable.

Suddenly I wanted to invest in the entire nine-flavor collection:

Fruttare® Strawberry & Milk

Fruttare® Coconut & Milk

Fruttare® Banana & Milk

Fruttare® Mixed Berry & Milk

Fruttare® Mango

Fruttare® Strawberry

Fruttare® Lime

Fruttare® Black Cherry


I’m going to do another post where I’ll share the ways I’m going to mix and match these Fruttare bars to make some tasty, low-cal desserts!

Here is my stick after I finished my bar, my doggie, Punky, totally photobombed me. I think he wants some too!


To learn more about Fruttare Bars, check out the web site. You can type in your zip code and it will pull up store locations that carry the line. Real talk here, this is the reason why I love doing sponsored posts because they force me to try something new that I maybe would have overlooked! These bars have given me new life in the dessert department of my weight loss journey!

Thank you, Fruttare!

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This is a sponsored campaign with Fruttare® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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