#Living – How to get your life!


A couple weeks ago I overheard Maya talking to a friend saying, “I am so #LIVING right now.”

Hashtag living?

Cute! I knew exactly what she meant and didn’t give it another thought. Then I came across someone else the same day who had an opposite perspective about life. Wayyy negative and full of excuses of why life sucked, always sucked in the past, and will always suck in the future. Any suggestion I made was shot back with another excuse.

My first thought as I listened was, “They are not #LIVING!”

This is what I have to say to negative people. We are here together, our time is limited, why not make the most of it and embrace good things? Why not at least try to steer the ship in a desired direction instead of just sitting there floating and griping?

I don’t mean to get preachy, but I love the idea of embracing the idea of #LIVING!

So what exactly does that mean? Well, as I cleaned a kitchen full of dirty dishes and countertops the other night, I had time to deep think about this one.

“I’m gonna do a blog post!”

“I’m gonna make wall art as a reminder!”

Soapy hands and all, I whipped out a piece of scratch paper from the kitchen drawer and a marker and sketched it all out.

The check list, then the tutorial! PLEASE leave a comment if you think of items for the #LIVING checklist!

#LIVING (to me) means:

This one is from Kim, who commented and I think deserves to be on top: “#Living to me means believing that you deserve to live your best life right now. It means not waiting until you lose weight or have more money or have someone to share it with. It means embracing what is in front of you and loving it just the way it is. #Living means loving yourself enough to love life! ❤️”

– To have passion and zest to strive for happiness and peace. To not only want it, but be willing to take action to make it happen. To change your thought process from giving up to considering possibility.

– Find your purpose, everyone has one. It can be big or small. Deep inside…you know what yours is, let it rise up to the surface so you can let it be part of your daily life! What is the lasting impression you want to leave on the world? What is your unique stamp? If you don’t know it, take time to find it.

– Make a big picture goal list, and an action plan to get there. Follow through, have enthusiasm. Work it chip by chip everyday so you know you are being active to make progress.

– Making new friends outside of your normal circles. Friendship and happiness are universal traits, think of all the cool people out there, make an effort to meet as many as possible! I recently taught a ceramics class in Kansas and hit it off with the studio owners of On The Potcheck out their new online store! Good JuJu Art!

– Face the thing you dread. Just get it over with, free yourself!

– Make a financial game plan, be a smart chica about it!

– Never base your self-worth on someone else’s approval, such wasted time!

– Partake in local storytelling nights or spoken word. Everyone has a story to share!

– Be confident in your skills and talent. Go do your thang, and let others do theirs!

– Don’t let the demons of the past haunt the present. Kick them out! Your life is your living space, who/what are you inviting in to sit on your couch and take up your energy?

– Only compare for inspiration, not for competitiveness.

– Take accountability, own up to mistakes.

– Listen to other’s stories more deeply. To listen is to show love and respect. To listen is to learn. To learn is to grow!

– Find that silver lining and turn it into a glittery superhero cape of inner-strength!

– Embrace new ideas, people, experiences, music, places, styles, then share what you learn.

– Get that ugly cry out, then get back on the saddle.

– Accept that none of us know EVERYthing. We are all imperfect, we all have challenges and successes and the peaks and valleys comes at different points for each person – but again, we all have them!

– Hold you head up to the sky and feel the warmth radiate your skin. Bite into that French Fry as if it were the last one on Earth. Hug from the inside out. Savor the moments!

– Take a chance on that thing that has been tugging on your spirit. It may not be there forever. Consider the possibility!

Go spend a day alone – and enjoy it (here is my experience)!

– Find the right balance of blocking the haters, yet also accepting constructive criticism.

– Celebrate the idea that you are never to old to start something new.

– On the flip side, take lots of pictures NOW. Because every day you age a little bit.

– Reinvent! When you keep hitting roadblocks, maybe it’s a sign to travel in a new direction!

– DANCE if you have no rhythm. Sing if you are tone deaf. Seriously. Let it go. This one is so freeing.

– Volunteer somewhere. Last week my cousin invited me to join her family for two hours packing meals for Feed My Starving Children. I almost cancelled because I was “too busy.” Wow, I’m so happy I went. It was the best two hours of the week! By the end of our shift, we packed 81,000 meals – that was enough to feed 233 kids for a year! Really puts things in perspective.

– Organize an event in your community. What are you good at? Find a way to teach a class or organize a night. My friend Rina is a lawyer by day, but at night she throws Crafty Happy Hour parties in her community!

– Do random acts of kindness! My friend Norma found a dollar bill that had glitter inside. Now I want to put glitter inside a dollar and leave it somewhere too!

– Take a week and say yes to all the things you would normally say no to. See what happens!

– Be a magnet for abundance, opportunity, success, health, and LOVE.

Well, there are a few ideas off the top of my head to get you started! OK, now on to the project!



I went to Michaels and went straight to the wood section, which is quite plentiful!


Here are the supplies I gathered up! I really didn’t have a plan of what I wanted it to look like, so I just kinda went with it.


I decided on this layout, but I didn’t know if I wanted to paint the letters, use markers, accent with glitter, cover it all with glitter? #CrafterProblems


I colored each letter with a different color of marker, then coated with white craft glue, then glitter. I let it all dry.


I outline everything with black puffy paint, because I outline everything with black puffy paint. It’s a great way to tie everything together.


And here we go, now I used hot glue to affix it all the pieces to the base.


Now it’s ready to hang so I can always be reminded what #LIVING is all about! What does it mean to you?

Love & light,

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  1. #Living to me means believing that you deserve to live your best life right now. It means not waiting until you lose weight or have more money or have someone to share it with. It means embracing what is in front of you and loving it just the way it is. #Living means loving yourself enough to love life! ❤️

  2. Saw your snap about this post and came right over to read it. Your positivity is amazing and I love it. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with life after grad school and dwelling on the things that haven’t gone according to plan. But it’s been holding me back from having fun, doing crafty things, and traveling like I love to do. So basically, I need to get back to #living! So I’m going to try to take your positivity and great suggestions to heart. Thanks for being real! … And real glittery! 🙂

  3. #Living means living life by your own rules, taking time out to treat yourself and those you love. I love this blog post and I’m glad you stopped in the middle of your dish washing session to write your ideas down.

    With every post you share I am reminded why I signed up for your blog.

    I love your arts and crafts their always fun and creative.

    Thank You for being you.
    Zoraida Cespedes

    w/a Mercedes Cruz

  4. So Inspirational, thanks! I want to make an address sign for the home we are building in Arizona near Chandler, may borrow your technique but instead show the address

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