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Rainbow Swirl Tie Dye


Rainbow Swirl tie dye is one of the easiest techniques and yields bright and bold results! Our kids contributor, Meagan from AvasLookBook.com recently shared this cute Sekka Shibori dress she made, but while she worked on that project, little Ava made her own masterpiece – this gorgeous rainbow swirl tapestry! Talent definitely runs in the family!


Here is Ava ready to go with her Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit! Make sure to pre-wash the fabric – they used a light cotton gauze – and then while its damp, that’s when it is time to dye!


Meagan said she used a fork in the center of the fabric and then swirled it around. Then she applied five rubberbands until she had ten sections. She added water to the dye bottles and shook until all the powder was dissolved, then Ava slipped on the gloves and began to dye!


Ava added one color on each section. NOTE: Notice that the fabric is set on top of a cookie sheet. The cookie sheet has notches to lift it from the table, this will prevent the dye from spreading across the bottom of the fabric. The dye will drain to the bottom (line with a plastic tablecloth). Apply the color to one side, then flip and do the other side. Let it sit for 6 hours with your fabric wrapped in plastic, then wash in cold water. Hang dry.

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What I love about Ava’s piece is that she didn’t got overboard on the dye. It just goes to show that a little bit goes a long way and the the white really makes the design pop! This would be a great window covering or tablecloth – or even cut up and used to make a garment or bag! You could even stretch it over a canvas and paint on it – the tie-dye makes for a beautiful background!

Special thanks to Meagan and Ava for sharing their work! Don’t forget to check out their blog – AvasLookBook.com.

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