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Backpack hacks are a big thing, and rightfully so because school is now in session and creativity is always flowing! But instead of paying a hefty price for a plain backpack, why not go a different route? You can find affordable backpacks and lunch totes at Big Lots and then customize them to your style! I think one of the best ways is to make them even more functional.

I went to the Big Lots store by my house and found not one, but two full displays of nothing but backpacks!

big lots backpacks
$10 for backpack! hello craft project!

Here’s what I chose to make over (each one was $10):


I dug through my stash to find some glittered coin purses and colorful trim. Here we go!


The first thing you want to do is stuff your backpack so it is nice and firm. This will make it easier for you to affix the coin purse and trim.

Backpack hack DIY.

Next, I used hot glue because both of these surfaces are fabric, which means they will GRIP the glue beautifully and permanently. Apply the hot glue to the back of the coin purse and quickly set in place where you want it. Let cool.

Use hot glue to affix a coin purse to a fabric backpack.

Next, I used extra strength double-sided fabric adhesive tape to add the trim. First apply it to the back of the trim, then to the backpack.

Use permanent fabric tape to affix ribbon around a backpack.

I did the same on this lunch bag! Coin purse, topped with a a flower patch!

Hot glue a coin purse and applique to a lunch bag!

Here’s what it looks like! I removed the strap from the coin purse and replace it with a lime green tassel.

Lunchbag makeover

And the backpack!

Add a coin purse and trim to liven up a backpack!

Use jump rings to add your favorite charms!



What a transformation!



Super cute, right? Here is an image you can pin if you want!

Backpacks hacks for back to school: Use hot glue and fabric tape to add a coin purse and trim! CraftyChica.com.

Don’t forget to visit Big Lots Latino to see what all the other bloggers made too! You will definitely get inspired!

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