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#Blogust – All About @ShotAtLife

I’m honored to be a part of the United Nation Foundation’s Blogust15 @ShotAtLife campaign! It’s a movement to protect children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines where they are most needed. I participated in Blogust before, and my page had so much activity it crashed my site – for reals! That was an AWESOME problem to have because it meant people really did their best to share the article to create awareness.

Blogust works like this – for every comment, like, or social share on this post (and other Blogust15 posts), a child in need will receive a vaccination! Click here to see the #Blogust Twitter feed!


Click here to read the Blogust15 FAQ!

What does a “shot at life” mean to you at this very moment? A chance to pay a bill, see a loved one, face a challenge, fulfill a dream?

For me, this is my shot at life: I made a huge change in my career this week. It’s very exciting and freak out-OMG-scary at the same time. One night, I prayed for a change, I knew I was ready to “level up” with what I wanted Crafty Chica to be all about. I want it to have a bigger purpose. Well, it didn’t take long before an unexpected shift came along that triggered a series of events. It felt like when you step onto a train and before you have a chance to grab the pole to hold on, the train takes off!  Whoosh, here we go, we are really doing this!

My point is that life is too important to just live under the radar. Rise up and do something to make a difference, whether it is big or small, take action! Living just to get by, settling for satisfaction instead of pursuing joy and finding your purpose. With the pursuit of joy comes laughter, tears, heartache, exhilaration, lessons and soulfulness! You have to be willing to embrace all of it.

That is truly giving yourself a shot at life!

We (those of us fortunate enough to be able to read this from a screen) are lucky to have these kinds of choices when it comes to our lives. In other parts of the world, there are little kids whose “shot at life” is the opportunity to lead a healthy life. A shot at life means different things for different people, but equally powerful!

Thank you so much for reading through this! And if you can please leave a comment on this post and/or like/share this post via Twitter or Facebook, it will mean so much!

Please use #Blogust15 and @ShotAtLife!

Let’s see how many shots at life we can gather up right here between us! I’m excited at the thought of that!



ShotAtLife web site

Blogust15 web site

And I’m adding this because it just feels right…a happy song to lift your spirits! (Here’s the link if you don’t see it below)

YouTube video

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  1. Kathy, thank you for letting us know about this project. I love the idea that children can be vaccinated through this project. It is great to use your influence to make a positive difference!

  2. It makes me so happy to know that I can help another mom make sure her kids are vaccinated against horrible disease we can prevent.


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