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How to have your birthday at Disneyland

Have you ever wanted to celebrate your birthday at Disneyland? My niece, Sarah, sure did – and rightly so because she was turning the big 15! I asked Sarah to snap some pictures for us and give us the inside scoop. Here are her tips!

1) Get your birthday pin!

Sarah says when you enter the park, tell them it’s your birthday and they’ll give you a special badge. They’ll even write your name on it. The badges are free and can be found inside at City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park or at Guest Services in Disney California Adventure Park. As you wear your badge during the day, you’ll notice that the cast members will give you special treatment!

“The Disney cast treated me like I’m a real princess,” Sarah says. “I loved it! It is such a good idea to spend your birthday at Disneyland because you get treated so right, and feel so special the whole day!”


2. Dress comfy.

You want to keep that birthday energy up so you’ll last until the park closes.

“If your a first timer to Disneyland, I would wear something really comfy like a Disney shirt and shorts,” Sarah advises. “And sneakers because your feet will hurt by the end of night it you don’t!”




3. Visit Corn Dog Castle at California Adventure for a Battered Cheese Stick.

Disney Parks are known for all kinds of crazy, yummy treats, but Sarah said hands-down, this is her fave. The battered cheese stick is just that – a chunk of cheddar cheese deep fried. Think of it as a hot dog alternative!



4. Find a good spot for the fireworks show and light parade.

Start early, find good seats because space fills up quickly. Make sure to load up on munchies and drinks AND make sure to go to the bathroom beforehand so you don’t have to lose your spot.


5. Get a keepsake.

“Take $50 and spend it on something to always remember. Personally, I would get Mickey ears with “Princess Sarah” embroidered on it. Or you can buy your favorite Disney character, they have every one of them.”


Other tips:

– Have your portrait drawn by one of the many talented artists on the boardwalk at California Adventure’s Paradise Pier. Prices run between $17-40.

– Check out the rides that have birthday themes within the attraction: Alice in Wonderland, The Haunted Mansion and Winnie the Pooh!

– Call the park ahead of time to have a custom birthday cake made and ready for your arrival! You can call two months in advance to set up a party with goodie bags, treats, and a visit from a Disney character. Both of these have price package.

– Bring an autograph book. When you meet a Disney character/mascot, tell them its your birthday and they’ll write a special message in the book for you!

– When you visit New Orleans Square, look for the band. Show them your birthday badge and they’ll play a birthday song for you!

– If you wear a tiara AND the birthday badge, the Disney cast members will address you as “Princess” all day long!

Thank you so much  to Sarah for sharing her special day with us! For more info about celebrating your birthday at Disneyland, here’s a link!


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  1. I went to Disney World for my 50th Birthday! It was awesome.
    I think it’s the best way to celebrate a “big’ one. I had Happy Birthday sang to me so many times by the bands, traveling quartets & on the rides…etc. Plus even strangers were wishing me a happy birhtday. It was a great day


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