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How to fuse ceramic pieces

Fuse a plate and skull together to make a cool jewelry or dessert tray!

Have you ever wondered how to fuse ceramic pieces? It’s much easier than you’d think and the results are soooo satisfying!

You can create all kinds of structural pieces, platters, serving dishes, shrines and other art designs. There are several methods, but I’ll share the one I use because it has always produced nice results.

I learned about “totem” ceramics, where people REALLY fuse pieces together, but I started small before I went there. This is that experiment! 

Supplies to fuse ceramic pieces

Bisque pieces to join together – make sure they can easily rest on top flat so they don’t fall over in the kiln during firing.

French Dimensions glaze – this is a thick glaze, it is like a cream, but you can also use glaze mixed with a bit of silkscreen medium to make it thicker.

Pieces you wish to fuse

And here is my video tutorial!

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Directions to fuse ceramic pieces

Wipe down your pieces so they are free of dust and debris.

Arrange your pieces in different ways to see how you will want to fuse your pieces. Keep in mind, the glaze you use to “fuse” will heat up and liquify in the kiln. Anything you place right side up may slide down. So remember you will have to position your pieces in a flat lay position so the added pieces will not slide.

Paint as desired with glazes, let dry.

Add the thick glaze (or French Dimensions) on one side and press the piece in place. 

Let dry completely.

Fire in the kiln.




I added French Dimensions to the top of the skull, then to the bottom of the cupcake and stacked the  pieces together. They fired perfectly because they were flat and stood evenly.


Ceramic skull planter

I hope this post about how to fuse ceramic pieces helps you!

Here is another project where I show how to fuse ceramic pieces on coffee mugs.

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