Fotonovela Paper Flowers


I have a stack of Mexican fotonovela comics from years ago, and I couldn’t even consider pitching them. So watched the entire second season of Being Mary Jane and made a huge batch of paper flowers!

Here is my video tutorial!

Fotonovelas are Mexican comic books that are themed around family life or romance or um, sometimes nasty stuff. I like the romantic ones! My favorites are in full color, but they are hard to find. Hence my stack of black and whites. I made do – for these flowers, I colored the pages with pens and markers, my craftiness came in handy!


Here’s what I used to make them:

Fotonovelas (you can buy them on

A flower die (Tim Holtz Tattered Floral)

A Sizzix Big Shot

Tacky Dots

Markers, colored pencils

Gems for the center of the flowers

Bamboo skewer


Color the pages as you wish. Tear off three pages and place them on top of the die, then sandwich between the two plastic layers and feed through the machine.


Cut assorted sizes.


I wanted to add more pops of color, so I used some old magazines to add between the layers.


Then, start stacking! Use the Tacky Dots to glue them, or for more padding, use foam dots.


Add an embellishment in the center, like sequins, gems, or smaller paper flowers!


How to use them:

– Scrapbook pages

– Cards

– Pins

– Gift wrap

– Wreath

– Gift bags


Use a bamboo skewer to roll the edges to give them life, otherwise they are very flat.


You can also add glitter! I’m going to add some to these!



fotonovela-flowers1 fotonovela-flowersP

Love & light,

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  1. Love this!
    A few years ago while working at a Health Literacy non profit ( I still help them out from time to time ) They were able to reach a previously untapped audience for HIV testing by making mini versions of these with the message ultimately being ” get tested.”and handing them out at community events.This format can be a powerful communication tool.

  2. OK, I LOVE THIS! I need to make a PILE OF THEM as I buy the packaged ones and it is getting expensive.. however, NOW I need to go get a “Big Shot” as I have no die cutter!! Have to check those coupons out after all….. !!!!!!!!!

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