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Record Album Craft: Business Card Holder

Here’s a fun record album craft that is super functional and will also serve as a conversation piece! We had a friend drop off a box of old scratched records and I was able to take one of them and make eight business card holders! It’s really easy these will be fun to either sell or give away to friends who have an art business. You can decorate them on the front any way you want!

First, take a piece of chalk and draw off eight sections on the album. Then, using a heat gun, move the gun up and down one section at a time to soften it.


Now using a pair of dollar store scissors, cut through the line and through the center.


Once you have your section cut, heat it up again. Also, use a damp cloth to wipe off the chalk lines. NOTE: Play around to find the different shapes you can get. Do you want a pointy front or a square one?


And while the album is soft, WEARING GLOVES press it against a sharp ridge, like the side of the table or a hardback book, or you can even use a ruler. This will crease it. Then do the same for the center. For this one, I cut through the center label and made it into a semi-point. Then hot glue whatever you want on the front.


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  1. I love this! Maybe make a larger one as a napkin holder, or a little bigger than that for a small cutting board holder too! I think being “plastic” would make it easy to clean from kitchen crud…


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