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SEWING: 10 Back-to-school Outfits for Girls

By Meagan Mora of AvasLookBook.com, special for CraftyChica.com

Can you believe it’s already August and school’s starting up again? This summer flew by. The joyous back-to-school shopping is upon us. Shopping in general is one of my favorite past times so when I have a good reason, I’m all for it! Now that Ava will be in kindergarten (ahhhhh) she needs a really great wardrobe full of separates I can mix and match to get us through the year.

Instead of buying ALL new clothes why not make some and incorporate them into the mix? Yay fabric shopping! What a great incentive to sew a bunch of fun and practical stuff! I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at all the things I’ve made in the past to give me, and hopefully you, some inspiration. Isn’t it funny how we can be our own inspiration sometimes?

Here are my picks for ten items you can make to mix and match that’ll give the kids in your life a wardrobe that I can guarantee you no one else will have!


First up let’s take a look at these shorts I made for Ava. They’re from a pattern called The Sunny Day Shorts. These shorts are such a quick sew. Hello, instant gratification! They’re unisex which makes them even more versatile. I added a fun trim to the sides to spice them up. You can read a little more about them here.


Next up is the Playtime leggings (insert link: ) These are such an asset to Ava’s closet. We use them under skirts and dresses for extra coverage. Make them using a bold print for a statement or a neutral color to compliment almost any outfit. You can read more about these here.


Every girl needs a comfy dress you can throw on when you’re in a rush in the morning. I absolutely love this Skater dress. It’s one of my all time favorite patterns. It makes such a comfy dress that you’ll have no problem convincing your girl to wear. Read more about this version here.


Tee shirts are a perfect basic in anyone’s wardrobe. Cue the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae. I’ve used this pattern countless times. Add embellishments to make a one of a kind tee. In these versions I added a scalloped sequin design and a rhinestone eye, read more about them here and here.


I love a good tunic. It’s a great alternative to a regular blouse. This Hide and Seek Tunic was so fun to make. I experimented with denim and fabric manipulation and it turned out so great! Read more here.


I love patterns that have more than one view. The Hide and Seek tunic can also be made into a dress. I made this version for the Oliver & S blog.



With all the panels, this dress can be customized in so many different ways depending on fabric choice. Read more here.


Joggers have been everywhere this year so I was super excited to make these for Ava. The pattern is called the Mini Hudson pants. An added bonus, they come in adult sizes too. I decided to push the boundaries and make these in a blue stretch velvet. They came out amazing and they are super comfy. You can read a little more about them here.


Another amazing pant pattern is the Twisted Trousers by Titchy Threads. I adore this pattern. There are NO side seams, how creative right? Color block them, pipe them, print mix them, the options are really endless. Read more here.


This tee is another instant gratification sew. It’s a great alternative to a regular tee. You can make it long sleeve and even add pockets. My favorite detail is the cuffed sleeve hems. Read more about the Lunch Box Tee here.


Last but not least, the Twisted Tank. This pattern is the sister pattern to the Twisted Trousers. The seams run diagonally across the chest instead of the sides. What a fresh take on the tank top. I added fringe to the front and it gave it so much movement. If the diagonal seams aren’t your thing, don’t worry there’s an option for regular side seams as well. Read more here.

And that’ll do it! All of these pieces can be mixed and matched to create a handmade wardrobe custom fit for your child. One of my favorite things about sewing for my girl is that no matter where I am I can take comfort in knowing she’s wearing something I created with my own hands. A little piece of me she can take with her throughout the day. What about you guys? What are some of your favorite things about making stuff for the people you love?

As always, thank you Kathy for having me! I always have such a great time creating things to share with you all! Don’t forget to come visit me over at avaslookbook.com! See you next time!


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  1. Love love love the patterns and looks Ava masters!! I will be sharing!! Time to get Indiana in the mix!! Everyone needs to have a craft or passion!! Thank you for inspiring me!!


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