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S’more Sundae using a Torch


What happens when you want more s’mores, but don’t a campfire? You improvise! As an official “Torch Bearer for Bernzomatic,” I have a solution! Use a mini torch! To make this S’more Sundae, I used all the basics, and subbed out the campfire for a Bernzomatic Trigger Start 3 in 1 Micro Torch ST2200. I used this one last month on my bezel project and really liked it and wanted to give it another go!

By the way – National Toasted Marshmallow Day is Sunday, August 30th!

The cool thing is that you can keep this torch handy in the kitchen to use on all kinds of food prep – from cheesy bread, desserts and even cocktails!


Instead of JUST s’mores, I decided to go big and make a sundae with a s’more on top. OMG, it’s not exactly light on calories, but our family all shared this one dessert – so I guess it balanced out!

Ice cream


Graham crackers



Prep your dish!


Next, wearing gloves and goggles, I filled the torch with butane, set the flame to medium-low, flipped down the safety button and turned on the flame!


Hold the torch 6-8  inches away and slowly move it in even strokes over the marshmallow.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using gloves and goggles, make sure nothing is near the flame area, except your item. Take time to check the area to ensure safety!


Keep going until it gets to the desired level of charred goodness! Blow out the flame, like you would a candle on a cake.


Squish it down so it gets all goopy and yummy!




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Torch Bearer Logo

From the Bernzomatic site:

“Find Your Fire. There’s a fire in each of us. Waiting to ignite. We believe in carrying the torch ignited by our founder in 1876—whose quality craftsmanship and progressive mindset are what blazed the trail that got us here today. We believe in awakening the innovators in all of us—inspiring a culture of creators who can break boundaries, mark new territory and go where no flame has burned before. We believe in empowering those who’ve found their flame and dare to follow it. Because the ones who do are the catalysts of bold transformations that redefine the limits of what we can achieve.   We believe in our fire and in your fire. It’s time to ignite.”

Thanks so much for checking out my project!



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