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DIY Jewelry Holder from wood shims

Here is a DIY Jewelry Holder from wood shims! It looks cool and is super functional as well.

I recently signed up for a “repurpose” challenge with an awesome group of DIYers called The Build It & Blog It Rockstars. Seriously, these folks are LEGIT! They are so talented and creative with their furniture skills, it’s crazy! I’m linking their sites below so you can check out their work and get inspired to make fabulous projects.

As for me, I’m not yet handy with a table saw, I’m getting there, but power tools are on my to-do list. I thought joining in this blog round up would be a great way to get started.

My daughter, Maya, recently revamped her room and was in need of a jewelry organizer for her wall. We have a huge bag full of these shims from a long time ago and I’ve been thinking about how I can put them to good use. Here was my answer! I offer you the repurposed shims jewelry holder!



Wood shims

Craft glue

Spray paint and stencils





First I glued the shims into a fan design on both the back and the front.


Then I took them outside to add a coat of spray paint. My daughter loves yellow, orange and lime green!


Set down the stencil and spray. As you spray on the other skims, make sure to use a piece of paper to prevent overspray.


Let dry and then apply your hooks  – or in my case, picture hangers that work as hooks too!


Next I used these small purse mirrors that I bought on clearance.


Apply the nails between the shims to hold it nice and sturdy so you can add your jewelry.


What a cool way to repurpose shims, right? They usually cost less than $2 a package.


You could also glue them all around like a starburst and affix a mirror in the center!




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